European Championships 2018 (Various Sports)


9.2k, here we go
they’re winding up


Spanish lad was always gonna get caught


Mourad Ambouni for France !


Gilick if it is him is a great analyst and co commentator


Did you see the English lad get the pure wobbly legs as he got over the line ?


Here he comes!


fair play to him


He didn’t come last and he didn’t throw in the towel. No shame.


And if it’s not, he’s a useless cunt?


ah no.
fair play to our man
Derval here now will cut him to shreds
we need Ailis MacSweeney in the studio as well


“i was getting drunk every week 16 months ago”
what an interview from the Derryman


ah lovely Gerry Kiernan


accuses Scullion of “rambling” in the interview :smile:


christ this is hard hitting “anyone who knows anything about running knows berlin is hot in august - dont go training like this guy at altitude with no humidity”


Bit harsh from him

Didn’t they say your man was training in Flagstaff? Sure that’s in Arizona where there’s no shortage of heat


Peter Collins could get muredered here by Derval and Gerry,


it would be 0 humidity tho versus >85% id imagine in Berlin
christ Gerry is a cantankerous cunt


Always has been

Herself just asked “who won the throwing of the ball thing?”


lovely description of the Berlin night sky here from the lads,
George loves referring to a “Berlin night” cc @Sidney , “on a warm sardinian night”


The decathlon is a bit of craic.

No more pole vault since?