European Championships 2018 (Various Sports)


Jerry is a great analyst.
Straight get to the point.
In fairness RTÉ get good analyst in for athletics, swimming


100M Mens final now

Asher Smith just won the women’s, shes some talent


The Turks don’t look themselves at all tonight


Vicaut out of the final :neutral_face:


100m double for the Brits.


Any irish lads to race yet tonight or have I missed them all ?


horrible comment


some freckle puffed around the 10k
was lapped 1 out and made a show of himself in the interview
tom barr came second to a turk callled Capello and one of our Nigerian imports Adabayo - o reilly or something didnt make it thru in the women’s 100


christ, Derval looks cold
a pure preppy , arrogant , competitive mad woman


Just imagine coming home to her after spending a few hours longer in the pub than you were supposed to.


Fixed for you .


It’s a bad state of affairs when you start seeing Sonia in a better light because of her perma scowl. Pure wicked head on her.


That was a lovely interview with Dina Asher-Smith by David Gillick. Dina seems like a thoroughly alright sort.

A great night for British sprinting (cc: of @GeoffreyBoycott).

A smashing night of athletics indeed @mickee321.

I’m a big fan of Peter Collins but Jerry really put him in his place when he suggested that Daphne Schippers was finished. To be fair to Peter, he accepted the clamping with good grace.


George Hamilton should stick to football.

Has the athletic commentator Tony O Donoghue retired? Only realized few weeks ago he was a top level athlete.


I’m fairly sure that Tony was never much of an athlete,
Brendan O’Reilly back in the day was the man for athletics


Thought I read article by Ian O Riordan in Irish Times recently where he was mentioned.
Maybe not high level but certainly to a very decent standard.
Brendan O Reilly was great on sports Stadium


George Hamilton has completely lost it. Fresh from his error riddled football season he gave the first women’s 400m semi final to a lass who clearly came third.


Tommy Barr’s final coming up in a few minutes.


Great finish


Bronze for Barr. He did well to overhaul yer man inside him on the final straight.