European Cup Rugby

Id say that must be what he is trading on, interesting see how long he lasts.

Don’t think it was sexton

The level of participation in finals in both comps tells a different story. Some of them don’t bother but it’s a tired stereotype that they don’t chase European glory when they can

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They’re like man city, they hibernate, only rousing themselves from their torpor after the paris-nice

Iv never seen anything like these stats before…talk about starving a team of possession…Byrne had only one pass in the first half (an assist for a try)

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This is well worth a watch. In particular the last 5 minutes going through the final Leinster effort. He’s shown something that no other analyst/journalist/podcaster I’ve heard to date has noticed and to my mind goes a long way to explaining the lack of a drop goal attempt.


Matt Williams gave a stat on OTB that up until La rochelle’s last try Leinster spent a total of 16 seconds in possession in La rochelle’s half in the 2nd half. Don’t know if that’s true but it felt like it on Saturday.

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I’d say that’s fairly accurate alright

He’s an annoying cunt trying to be funny but the analysis is usually excellent


Spot on

Squidge is the best rugby analyst out there.

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I believe it was Joe Molloy who said that LR mauled a distance of 56 metres throughout the game, as Leinster mauled 0 metres.

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Great review. I mentioned it last nt the lack of help JGP gave byrne in last while with the DG but it’s terrible viewing there for him. Byrne should still be in a lot more control of his 9 than that though… la rochelle got the tactics absolutely spot on

That opening try was a thing of beauty by Leinster tbf.