Eurovision 2008 - Official Build Up Thread

Only 7 months to go.

Any early thoughts? :emm:

I was wondering why nobody had posted on this yet.

Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine are there on merit.

Disgracefully Fermany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom are there due to the size of their tv markets.

It’d make you think twice about heading over to the Beogradska Arena if the whole thing is going to go all commercial.

On the positive side the rumours of San Marino entering just won’t go away. Of course the old dinosaurs who don’t want change will resist their entry arguing on what a small principality can contribute to such a big event. The same people probably said the same in 1971 until Monaco left egg on their faces by winning one of the strongest competitions.

I suppose the main thing that’s occupying Eurovision fanatics’ minds is the FIFA ruling on Darron Gibson’s eligibility to represent the Republic of Ireland soccer team. Even though the Derry born youngster holds an Irish passport he doesn’t satisfy FIFA’s criteria for Irishness. However, the governing body has declared he can continue playing for us though in the future, in cases like his, the player will have to represent Northern Ireland. As far as I know the Eurovision Organising Committee has yet to formally respond to FIFA’s landmark ruling. Is it possible that the b*****ds could take away Dana’s superlative victory from us and award it retrospectively to the United Kingdom? I don’t know for sure but what I do know is that these fat cats are capable of all kinds of everything. It really promises to be a nervous but eventful couple of months for us all before we can rest easily.

Myself and Rocko are having an initial meeting about preparing a song for this tomorrow. The meeting’s taking place in Osmosis Bar in Glasgow at 2pm and all are invited to attend.

‘All it takes is for Eurovision lovers to do nothing for Eastern European countries who vote politically to prosper.’ - Bandage, YMCA Astro Pitch, Sandymount, 05/11/07, 6.55pm.

I’m not taking this lieing down. Not now, not ever.

From RTE:

RT invites entries for Eurovision 2008

RT Television has announced that it is inviting interested parties to submit an entry to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, to take place in Serbia next May.

Following a comprehensive review of the selection process of previous years, RT is this year inviting submissions based not only on song composition, but encouraging inclusion of singer or singers, visual presentation and proposed performance details.

The deadline for submission of entries is Monday, 21 January 2008. The six best entries as judged by an expert group will then compete in a gala Eurosong 2008 competition, live on RT Television next February, from which the winner will be chosen by public vote.

Earlier this year, a number of changes to the overall structure of the Eurovision Song Contest were adopted. These include the introduction of two semi-finals to the competition, which every country (apart from the host nation, the UK, Germany, France and Spain) must now compete in.

RT appointed a consultative committee of experts from the music writing, music performance and dance arts to assist them in a review of the Irish selection process. The changes to this year’s Eurosong competition are based on its recommendations.

Ireland’s entry will compete in one of the semi-finals on Thursday, the 22nd May, 2008. The two semi-finals are planned to take place simultaneously.

That’s a cracking opportunity for TFK to get some Europe-wide exposure. Surely if we put our minds to it we can come up with a suitable entry.

I officially boycott the Eurovision every year due to a combination of Bloc voting, The French, the fact that ire get nil point on every vote and Micky Joe Heart telling me to fook off in Whelan’s one evening! The only thing going for it is Terry Wogan.

Above is happier times when I enjoyed sitting in on that Saturday night and watching Ronan Keating make a tit out of himself.

If you don’t want to be involved then fair enough Ben but don’t come crying to us in January demanding to be a backing vocalist or something.

Dustin for Eurovision

One week after the deadline for submitting potential Eurovision songs to RT, rumours are rife of an unusual entry.
Newspapers are reporting that Dustin the Turkey is one of the contenders, with his song ‘12 Points’ (‘Douze Points’), which may in itself be a tongue-in-cheek parody of all things Eurovision.
If the Dustin rumour is true, and he is selected for the Irish final, it will mean that the remaining five Eurosong finalists have to face one of the country’s biggest and best-known stars in the race for Belgrade, where the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest will take place in May.

‘The Den’ legend, who has been an RT star since 1990, has outlasted his fellow puppets on the show, Zig and Zag, and four human co-hosts: Ian Dempsey, Ray D’Arcy, Damien McCaul and Francis Boylan Jr.
The entertainer has previously released six albums and dueted with a number of singers including Bob Geldof, Chris De Burgh, Ronnie Drew, Dervla Kirwan and the late Joe Dolan.
Ireland still holds the record as the country with the biggest number of Eurovision wins, with seven awards.
After a disappointing last place result in 2007, RT assembled a committee of music and media professionals, including 1992 Eurovision winner Linda Martin, to review the broadcaster’s strategy for selecting the 2008 entry.
RT received some 150 submissions and the committee will select six entries that will compete in Eurosong, which RT will broadcast from Limerick in February.

Please let me this true. Its the kind of wacky Europe are after and Ireland can reclaim the crown of Eurovision.<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

Shan I’ve moved your post to the official thread in the interests of good housekeeping.

I can’t say I’ll be supporting Dustin on this one. The Eurovision is a continental treasure and it’s not there for tomfoolery and mickey taking by anyone who fancies a bit of exposure. You try telling Dana International or Lordi that they were novelty acts.

Hope we have a candidate with a touch more gravitas but if Dustin gets the nod I’ll be supporting him all the way.

I noticed that Rock. I just feel that the novelty factor of Dustin is what Ireland needs to compete at this level. If we cant beat them join them.

I don’t think we should sacrifice our principles for the sake of being accepted by those whose opinions don’t even matter. People who vote for novelty acts are taking the pi$$ out of the Eurovision and they should be rounded up and assassinated. It would be akin to changing your football style from short passing to long ball tactics because others are having success hoofing the ball up the park. We shouldn’t replicate what these countries are doing - we should rise above it and call upon the experience of our glorious successes in the past and work from that blueprint. In other words, Dustin can fook right off.

It’s the musical equivalent of throwing on a centre back for the last 5 minutes because we’re finding the opposition hard to break down. We need to look at the limitations in our selection policy in past tournaments alright but the solution must be long-term, not a knee jerk reaction.

His C.V of albums gets my nod. Nobody they could put him up against has his track record. Go on you good thing. Also hates Leitrim.

Dustin gave Joe Dolan his biggest hit. Fact

This thread passed me by obviously becauase I have just heard of Dustin’s involvement now.

I think they should pick him to represent us. The worrying thing about it is that he would probably win.

Always thought he was very funny. I used to tune in to The Den just to hear him. Wasted on a kid’s show.

Memorable moments:
When asked what he thinks of Marty Whelan - ‘well I have nothing against women in general’

On Chris de Burgh - ‘ah we have a lot of things in common. We are both turkeys who got to number one, both the same height and both have an unhealthty interest in his daughter’

I remember him memorably ripping the piss outr of that Pat Creland idiot on The Den once calling him a tight bastard and various other things.

Can anyone with betting site access check the odds for this? I read on another forum that Dustin’s available to win the Irish National Contest at 4/6 with him being a tempting 16/1 to win Eurovision outright but I’m not sure if these prices are accurate.

Eurosong 2008

Go Dustin!!!

RT has announced the six Eurosong 2008 finalists, as selected from the public competition. The song contest was open to songwriters from outside of Ireland and almost two hundred entries were received from both home and abroad. In a change from the last two years of the competition when composers were invited to write a song for an act chosen by RT, this year entrants were asked to submit the package of song and performer.

These six songs will be performed on Eurosong 2008 and broadcast live from Limerick on Saturday 23 February, when the public will decide who will represent Ireland at the Eurovision Semi-Final in Belgrade.

The final six songs are:

Double Cross My Heart" performed by Donal Skehan. Composed by Joel Humln, Oscar Gorres and Charlie Mason.

“Irelande Douze Pointe” performed by Dustin The Turkey. Composed by Darren Smith, Simon Fine and Dustin The Turkey.

“Time to Rise” performed by Maya. Composed by Maja Slatinsek and Ziga Pirnat.

“Not Crazy After All” Performed by Leona Daly. Composed by Leona Daly and Steve Booker.

“Sometimes” performed by Liam Geddes written by Susan Hewitt

“Chances” written and performed Marc Roberts

The songs will be performed in the order above as drawn by independent auditor Michael O’Neill of Price Waterhouse Coopers.

The final six songs were chosen by a judging panel chaired by television producer Bill Hughes and included singer/songwriter Eleanor McEvoy, former Eurovision winning singer/songwriter Charlie McGettigan, showbiz agent/choreographer Julian Benson and RT’s Assistant Commissioning Editor, Entertainment, Julian Vignoles.

Bill Hughes, Chairperson of the Eurosong 2008 judging panel said, “This year RT decided to take a different approach to Eurovision putting emphasis on performance and stage appeal as well as finding a cracking song. The judging panel was delighted with the standard of the entries and each and every one of these six acts would do us proud on the Eurovision stage. Best of luck to all of the finalists. It’s now up to the public to decide who will represent us in Belgrade in May!”

Eurosong 2008 will be presented by Ray D’Arcy and broadcast live from University Concert Hall Limerick on Saturday 23 February. The live show will be broadcast from 7-8pm and voting lines will open (phone and text) only after all six acts have performed. The public will then decide which song will represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest on 20 May. The winner will be announced in a live results show at 9.30pm.

RT is inviting members of the public to join the audience for Eurosong 2008 with tickets being made available on a first come first served basis from 9am on Monday 4 February from the UCHL box office.

This year, all countries barring the UK, Spain, Germany, France and last year’s winner Serbia, must compete in one of two Semi-Finals to qualify for the Eurovision Final on Saturday 24 May. Ireland has been drawn to compete in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday 20 May.

Locke, just merged your thread into the Official Build Up one so we can have one overall preview right through to the event itself. This Dustin stuff is sickening. I’d say the likes of Dana and Johnny Logan are turning in their graves.

Dustin gets my vote. Marc Roberts came 2nd before. He had his “chance” to show how its done and just didnt cut it.

Latest Paddy Power odds for tonight’s extravaganza:
Dustin The Turkey 2 - 9
Donal Skehan 5 - 1
Leona Daly 8 - 1
Liam Geddes 18 - 1
Marc Roberts 20 - 1
Maya Slatinsek 33 - 1

I think Dustin will win it but I wanted to have an each-way interest in Leona Daly. Unfortunately, PP are only taking outright win bets. I think Dustin at 2/9 is a dead-cert and advise you all to put your life savings on it.