Eurovision 2010

An absolute disgrace that this thread hasn’t been setup yet and we’re nearly into 2010.

Anyway Ireland have announced some changes to the way we’ll be picking our entry for next year.

We’ll still have a song contest and a final featuring 5 songs but this time after the winning song has been selected the judges will then decide who they want to sing it.

There’s been variations on this theme in the past before of course: we’ve had a predetermined singer and just looking for a song to fit him as happened with Brian Kennedy.

Not sure that this is still the ideal solution but fingers crossed.

That Justin Lee Collins lad was on Tubridy yesterday morning. He’s a big fan of the competition but said he is looking to enter the eurovision himself next year and represent Ireland for some reason.

Couldnt be worse than that traveller that represented Ireland could he?

In your eyes, I see the light,
Leading me home again,
I see forever in your smile,
This woman is a child again

You can snare the blackbird but you cannot stop him sing

You could glue its beak shut. :wink:

Remember when we held this thing in a horsestables? Ha, we made some eejits out of those lads from Brussels.

Or hit him with a shovel.

Yea,there are several options you could choose for shutting up a blackbird. How about just tying his beak with string,its certainly less cruel than the glue or shovel options.


Wonderful to see so many Eurovision legends and general legends involved:

RTÉ announces 2010 Eurosong finalists

RTÉ has today announced the five finalists for Eurosong 2010, as selected from the public competition.

The songs were chosen by a jury, chaired by former ‘Eurovision’ winner Linda Martin.

The five successful songs, which were chosen from almost 300 entries from both Ireland and abroad, will be performed on ‘The Late Late Show Eurosong Special’ on 5 March.

The five songs selected for Eurosong 2010 are:

Baby, Nothing’s Wrong - Performed by Michael Graham
Music & Lyrics by Michael Graham, Scott Newman & Yann O’Brien

Does Heaven Need Much More? - Performed by Leanne Moore
Written by Tommy Moran & John Waters

Fashion Queen - Performed by Monika Ivkic
Written by Marc Paelinck & Mathias Strasser

It’s For You - Performed by Niamh Kavanagh
Music: Niall Mooney, Marten Eriksson & Jonas Gladnikoff
Lyrics: Lina Eriksson

River of Silence - Performed by Lee Bradshaw
Music: R. Siegel Lyrics: J. O’Flynn / José Santana

During ‘The Late Late Show Eurosong Special’ the winner, who will represent Ireland at this year’s ‘Eurovision’, will be decided by 50% regional jury vote and 50% public televote which replicates the recent change to the rules in the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ itself.

This year Ireland will compete in the second ‘Eurovision’ semi-final, due to take place on 27 May, in a bid to secure a place in the grand final on 29 May.

Some serious heavyweight talent in that line-up…

Monika Ivcik

What’s the point in having a German production possibly represent us though?

I dunno Thraw, she could be a decent addition to the gene pool, dont be too hasty.

Seems a gamey sort anyway. “Play with me”. Ah, lovely.

Leanne Moore:

I licked Leanne Moores face before she was famous.*

[size=“1”]*I actually did[/size]


lets not get carried away here.

Shocking lack of respect for the eurovision MBB

I think I gave it just about the right amount of respect there Julio.