Even more mayhem regarding Limerick

Local chippers cleaning up today.

Tis always a day for it. Timing the run to the chipper this evening will be crucial.

I know the Leader have had some cutbacks lately but that’s one for the bad journalism thread there.

Genuine question here, why was that man put in handcuffs? It seems like the Garda lost the head for a few seconds, he sounded a bit smarmy correcting the chap on the medical condition he claimed to have, I didn’t watch much more, didn’t seem to be any reason to cuff him and take him away though

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I’m not the guard pal.



Cos he was called the guard a smart bollix. If he was black and in America and tried that he’d have a bullet on the head.

Maybe better than #kneecappingstate

He would in his fuck, the Garda fucked up there, yer man was dead right to call him a smart bollix,
If it happened on my road or almost anywhere else there’s no way the cuffs come out

Correct decision.


I’d agree. He was only arrested because he was a traveller. I guess it’s possible something else was said before the video started or he’s had previous with this sort of thing as well. I’m sure the guard has been called much worse.

Calling a Garda a bollox is a verbal assault

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Not if he is a bollox


Irish people need to have more respect for the law. I’d favour an American style response when someone gets lippy with a guard


Never heard of OCD in the lungs before. Marvels of medical science

You’ve no idea what happened here before that fella’s young lad started filming. Do you think 6 or 7 guards were there for no reason? You love climbing up on your cross for the tinkers, you dope.


Would you get away with “thinking you might be a bit of a bollocks”.
No definite assertion. Seems good to me.

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