Expressions gay men use

a gay friend of mine just posted on FB ahead of some gathering he is planning:

“oh , there is going to be some doors bate in that weekend petal*”

anything else spring to mind?
*petal must be some term of affection, @glasagusban will confirm

“a gay friend of mine just posted on FB” would be a popular phrase amongst the gays I’d say.


would it?

its ok to have friends that are gay @Horsebox , just because they are gay dosent mean theyll be trying to sexually assault you,

Is that why you fled to Israel?

I’m well aware of that Michael-one of my best friends is gay and he hasn’t tried to drop the hand yet. Yet I must reiterate.

id say you’re a right “captain obvious” type of character are you?

Are you upset that he doesn’t find you attractive?

I don’t know what that means, pal-is that an insult or a compliment?

As a friend, I think the least he could do would be to lob the gob or feel me up even once just to boost my ego.

I see there that the Gays have a new tablet now that they can pop everyday that will keep them safe from the auld Aids. Its a gas world.

And they want us to provide it for free instead of them using condoms

Does it work on Hetros and junkies ?

They don’t want to use condoms when engaging in buggery with strangers.
I wouldn’t let them have this pill, it’s irresponsible and society should instead be educating them on safe sex and the dangers of buggering a stranger.


the have a savage disrespectful name for straight people “breeders”

they love their annual little perverted day out “pride” going around half naked in the middle of the day, banging the arse off each other

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You not in Brighton this weekend?

There’s a lovely bit of spring cleaning going on today.


Is this because of the doxxing event currently going on on twitter?

Doxxing on twitter? I hadn’t heard to be honest. I wouldn’t be into that type of thing anyway.

No, this is a simple case of a decent environmentalist, like @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy, reducing his post count in order to reduce server space. Reduced server space equates to a lower demand on consumables, which is fundamental if we are to reduce the impact of man-made climate change.