F.T.A.O. forum blueshirts



Puke you shouldn’t post after this much drink.


Fucking scummers, “not a cent”. Lying cunts.

These murderous cunts’ antics at Ballyseedy will never be forgotten.



Has anyone outed themselves as a F.G. supporter on this board yet? I bet the simple lad who supports Villa would have voted for them if he could. :angry:


pretty sure RTT voted FG alright. Great call from the youtube republican :clap:




The Ferrybank boys sent the blueshirts home with their tae in their mugs :clap:


@The_Selfish_Giant will be seething.


The Irish were a mad bunch of bastards at the same time. There’s war now if a few young fellas puck the heads off each other in town in the middle of the day. Here’s the bones of a hundred adults in a pitched battle with batons and hurleys and it only warrants a foot note in the paper, and yet people still moan about the youth of today :grinning:


The Blueshirts were some fascist apes but how many people were they responsible for killing? The anti treaty IRA who drew their weapons a decade earlier caused the death of 2-4 thousand Irish people through their undemocratic actions. It always tickles me to see their descendants go on about fascists.




Locky Byrne was probably in the thick of it.



Did the Blueshirts not spring from Cumann na nGaedheal? They carried out plenty of murders themselves a decade earlier…


The standard go to.

Please deal with the point. The anti treaty IRA ignored the will of the people and are responsible for the lions share of deaths during the Civil War.


The IRA ignored the will of the people in 1916 & 1918 too mate. Being in the majority does not make you correct.


What about the will of the people in the 1918 elections? The Brits fairly ignored that when the laid down their illegal border to suit the Orange majority in the new N.I… What about the promise of Home Rule before the War? The will of the people only works one way…

the will of the people :smile:


Once again on the deflect.

The Blueshirts were not a nice organization but they were moderated by CnG.

I would consider the anti treaty IRA and SF (many of whom were moderated by the formation of FF) to be far worse.

I wouldn’t see much difference between the neutering of many of the far left Marxist groups who supported the actions of the Soviet Union, through their integration with mainstream political parties in Ireland, with the Blueshirts.

CnG and FG have their faults but as a general grouping got it far earlier than the rest of them. The Treaty, the Balfour Declaration, Sunningdale, the Anglo Irish Agreement and the current diplomatic masterclass over Brexit puts every other Irish political party in the shade. I would consider their biggest faux pas to be some unsavory behaviour during the War of Independence, Civil War and the declaration of the Irish Republic taking us out of the Commonwealth.




A republic with a King as its figure head? Go handy Tim you old rascal.