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The facists are always looking for someone to salute


I have well established views on that here as well.

I am not a “Michael Collins was a pure hero” type.

1918 gave them some mandate but they ran with a weak one on that front imo.

I simply believe that FG deserve far more praise than FF/SF IRA for moving towards peace earlier.


I am talking about John A Costello’s Government.


They moved towards peace because they were traditionally a strong farmer party and for them the job was done as they had completed the land grab in the south and didnt care much for the Unionist north.


Which party?




TBH I don’t think any of the Irish parties can look back on their actions towards the North for the majority of the states history with any pride. They left Northern Nationalists to be systematically discriminated against, rounded up without trial and murdered without any recourse to justice. A succession of Taoisigh did nothing but tug their forelocks with varying degrees of enthusiasm to the British government with the occasional shake of the fist.
You mightn’t like how they went about it, but SF were the only party who truly had an interest in NI.


Who didn’t exist in 1922.


Are we playing that game? Either did FF


How many of the leadership of the pro Treaty block were farmers?


The Irish peasants swapped the King for the Pope and British Landlords for local ones and carried on as normal.


7 and a half


I have no idea … But the support base for CNG/FG has always been the strong Farmer and the (upper) Middle class - right leaning – and protectionist. Their moves for ‘peace’ have always been self serving and maintaining the status quo.

I’m not arguing against the deaths caused by anti- treaty side - But CNG had their hands dirty also. It was a sorry time for all.


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I havent read a book on that period in 20 years and i’d still have enough to pull him up.


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John Dillon for one. He used to read out the price of store heifers on Mart and Market.


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Patrick Belton also