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Protectionism was a policy of FF in the 1930s as well. It was a policy that was in vogue in plenty of places.

The economic focus of the 1920s on agriculture was because our major industrial hub had been lost and challenging trade conditions globally. It was also, like it or not, absolutely essential that the professional and industrial class of Dublin were brought on board in the State. We would have seen far greater flight from the State of the Anglo Irish than experienced if we had had the faux nationalist brigade in charge totally.

CnG were a broad church of working class nationalists, farmers, Anglo Irish unionists etc. If it was simply the party of middle class unionists, the Church would not have been allowed to continue to hold such sway.


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Some impressive googling going on here.


I wasnt on about ‘party’ policy - I was on about the mindset of the supporters of FG from the off. They replaced the old with themselves and didnt give 2 fucks about the north, republicanism in its true form or certainly not labour/urban working class… of course the church were on board with this. The greatest shower of self serving cunts this country has ever seen.

Youre spinning off in all sorts of directions to try and show how smart you think you are. You started off by praising FG for reaching for the peaceful solution before the others - i’ve merely pointed out some of the reasons why, which had nothing to do national duty/service and everything to do with their own mini empire.


Back in vogue now again in fact. It’s like clothes you just have to wait long enough and they’ll be back in style. Maybe Dev was right along :thinking:


No, neither FF or FG were ever right. Two corrupts cunts of the same coin.


Protectionist is a loaded word, and is simply wrong to describe CnG economic policy in the 1920s.

If you want to dribble into your lunch about true Republicans and flegs go right ahead. The simply truth is that CnG were the first of the Republican parties to cotton onto the diplomatic game. The rest have all followed their lead. To this day, whilst they have shaken off many of their stupidist policies, you still have SF putting empty symbols ahead of positive action in their position on Westminister.


I’m not on lunch for 15 more mins.


What did CNG take part in the ‘revolution’ for? They executed leaders in cold blood - they turned their back on anything labour. – It seems the idea of self determination and throwing off the King as figure head is about the only thing they adhered to. — And if they were such bright sparks, how did FF rout them?


Because FF ultimately figured about that after conflict, there were enough faux nationalist simpletons in the 26 counties to give them a majority.


Oh … so the will of the people undone CNG.

I’m off to dribble into my lunch.


Two outta three ain’t bad?


Cosgrave was setting himself up to be the Irish Mussolini in the 1930s - a dictator. I’ll give FF some kudos here, they smashed him and the Blue shirt bastards.


Fake news. So sad.


You Blueshirt apologist.


A modern day renewal in the High Court. Gas men.


A week and a half in the high Court already. This will either bankrupt Coffey or the Kilkenny People. Win win really.