Facehop 2012

Who the fuck is this mongloid?

Don’t be worrying about who I am Mac and get your own fucking house in order. I didn’t realise I had to be personally known to a fuckwit like you before I could post an opinion.

You should have read the forum charter horsebox. All new members must submit their social media profiles to the forums chief stalker a.k.a. me for clearance before making their first post. Either send me on the details or get the fuck out of here :guns:

My facebook picture has your sister in it so you could ask her for her copy of it. Just tell her horse said so-she’ll know what picture I’m talking about.


Mac talking to Horse…hmmm :strokechin:

Ah yeah I have you now, good lad. http://www.facebook…php?=743264506




Oh no he didn’t!!! Stalker Mac strikes again.

Super stuff Mac. He only needs a sniff :clap:

state of that cunt- i knew those AFR heads were tards but fuckin hell I actually feel a bit sorry for this gimp now

you’re a bad fucker mac


Rough stuff from Mac, yet we always knew he was a stalking cunt…

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That ain’t me Mac but I do know that person very well. That is either exremely coincidental or impressive stalking ya cunt.

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2 mutual friends :strokechin:


stalker mac takes another one. at least its best we know what some of these new lads are like so we can avoid them.

Jaysus, mac you’re some boy :ph34r: