Fair Warning

Nobody on here (apart from me) has the right to bore everyone else to tears.

Repetitive, boring, predictable efforts at humour that don’t meet a basic standard of wit will be deleted. That standard will be determined by me. If you’re not happy with being singled out for treatment then feel free to set up your own board. I’ll help you on your way if needs be.

This isn’t a crackdown on the likes of @Fran who has nothing interesting or witty to say but understands his own limitations and doesn’t spam the board with drivel. If you’re still wondering if this applies to you, it doesn’t. Unless you’re @Tassotti or @HBV or someone persistently engaging in painful exchanges with them.

That’s all.


Even though I was the butt of your joke I still find myself nodding in agreement with this statement



I love you Fran.

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Quisling lickspittle.

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TFK has hit the big time. The only good part of AFR (RIP) was threat of a good banning. @Rocko swinging for the fences here.

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You wouldn’t get weak moderating like that in the UK so you wouldn’t.


. “I used to love Friday nights, around midnight I’d sit down at the computer with a couple of cans of Guinness and it was like a cloak descended on me and I became him.”


:joy: indeed.

Surely the thing to do is when someone is obviously trolling on a specific thread, inform them politely not to post on the thread again and if they persist ban them. I can imagine the frustration stems from the admittedly head wrecking trolling regarding the ROI participation in the Euros, but in fairness they and some of their ardent supporters are easy target.

Now it’s time to get behind our Celt cousins and stop the bickering.

Fuck wales


I have seen no trolling on any Eire Euro 2016 threads. A lot of well thought out factual comment alright just like you see on the rubby threads here.

But the Eire soccer crowd don’t like it up them and like to pick up the ball and run off like big fucking babies unless they get their own way.


I don’t really have the time, inclination or patience to be remembering who said what on which thread and imposing specific rules which warn people not to behave a certain way on a certain topic.

It’s nothing really to do with the ROI participation - not sure that particularly stood out. It’s more the repetitive ruination of discussions on almost every topic. If I see 4 posts on Tonight’s TV I expect it’s because something decent is on the telly tonight, not the same stale effort at humour that we’ve seen hundreds of times before.

Anyway, it doesn’t seem to have changed behaviour so we’ll have to change our users instead.


Plenty other sports have been trolled on here constantly too, Rugby, racing, golf etc etc

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Not sports. :wink:


Indeed my friend indeed

Tis your house I suppose bossman

This forum jumped the shark when @jaysherman was banned.

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Bring back sledgehammer, Ben and Flano. Runt and Puke regret running them off the board.

this is a disgrace. Tfk is finished

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