Faldo's DIY General thread

Thanks, I’ll bring the whole wheel into him so and see what he says.

That’s what I use. Those Shimano cassette blocks are a bitch to put on.

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Oooh, that’s a fancy chain tool.

I hope the wife doesn’t see it on the kitchen table.

The light isn’t great in the scullery

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The island is the spot for fixing things

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A chain tool with a spring. It’s far from there he was reared.

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In this day and age there is surely a better mechanism for a bike than a chain

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Can’t think of anything that works as well.

The chains are gone fierce thin since the last time I worked on a bike also. Gears are different. Brakes are now disc type.

The wheel centering mechanism works well. No wobble in the alloy wheels. Everything is different really bar the chain.

The other lad has a proper racing bike. Flimsy as fuck. Held together with aluminium bolts. I’m afraid to touch it.

Pops up on my Facebook page.

They’re watching us I’m telling you…,

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I bet your tools are nicer

Not for self propulsion

Can anyone recommend a glue or adhesive that might join an aluminium frame back together? (axle of a buggy has come apart from the wheel).

I think we’ll need a photo.
I’d say you’d be better putting a bolt or screw into it if you can at all.

I’d mix up a bit of epoxy and try get something else into or around the outside of the join with the epoxy.

Gorilla do a two tube syringe job, about a tenner most places. It’s very good for stuff like that.

When it hardens the joined materials will give before the epoxy.

The cistern is running lads. Non stop. Help. Anyone.

Cc @FatChops

You better catch it so.

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Does the cistern still leak?
Or have you found a man to mend it?
Oh, and by the way, how’s your broken heart?
Is that mended too?


Probably the inlet valve needs replacement.
Hardly a quick fix.
Call a plumber time I’d say.
I’m not into the water myself…

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Have you a valve on the water supply? Try close it slowly (not fully) and open it slowly if so.

Pull up the plastic riser and see does it stay up.