FAO @applecrumbled

How do you want to do this pal.

I was happy with a thread ban. You upped it. Are you gonna pay up?

I’d say he’s already gone. The straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.

Ah stop, he’s on his third go round already after losing bets before, he’s worse than Nembo dandi at this stage.


He’d have a good chance of beating @myboyblue 's posting record some day if he stuck to one username

What’s this?

Our numbers have grown fewer, the end is nigh

What did we miss?

Grow up for fucksake ye pathetic pointless bastards

what is going on here at all?


Crumpled lost another bet in the degenerates thread and has walked away, after @anon78624367 laid down the gauntlet.

Jesus, that Esteban fella is a nobody. This is shameful.


Today was his coming out party.

The lad came after me with accusations an he was dealt with. Mind yourself or you’ll be next :kissing_heart:


You’ll do nothin

you’d know.
you’ve been doing nothing for a long time

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Brilliant internet skills out of Esteban. He called apples out, apples went all in and was swiftly called…booooom and hes gone. He was a nice chung lad at the start but he was gone shtone mad for a finish


I’ll do you. I’ll do you good.

Ah jesus @Dooley, you need to drop this, @myboyblue is a relentless bore, you’ll rue this day.

You again, eh?

Yes, i’m just dishing out advice, you warned me that i was messing with the wrong man that time and you were right, i hadn’t figured you to be as relentlessly boring in your crusade as you’ve been.