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@carryharry Take me through replacing my car. I need an automatic. Why wouldn’t I get a Leaf?

ill field this carryharry

go for the leaf or the lexus hybrid mate

save the world in style

Without exposing yourself to the deviants on here, can you give me some further info into what you want out of this purchase, mileage per year, your average passenger requirements, luggage space needed & whether you enjoy putting on dresses?

With the above information clarified I will be able to make a balanced, thoughtful decision unlike spunk in his pants stuff from @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy.

I have no interest in:

  • aesthetics
  • speed
  • looking “cool”
  • horsepower/torque and other words like that which I don’t understand

My usage:

  • Average trip is 5km
  • Used every day but mostly for ferrying family around the place
  • Has to be automatic because of Mrs Rocko taking a shortcut in learning to drive
  • I’d say 100km a week tops
  • Need to be able to fit 2 baby seats in the back
  • I generally avoid blue
  • A radio is a must
  • Reliability is my main thing. I just want it to drive when I want it to drive, to pass its NCT when it comes due and to run nice and cheap in terms of tax and petrol and stuff because it’s an A to B type car I need.

Wonderful reply, so concise.

IMO, the Leaf is the most economical purchase in the Full Electric Driven car. Your mileage needs will mean the battery life will never be an issue, the car is well spec’d and will give you the space you require.
Only negative against the Leaf is the Battery life if you plan on keeping the car for 5-10 years.

If you are going to look at the Hybrid sector, then the Toyota Auris or Honda Civic Hatchback versions are also worth a look. Okay you will need petrol fills but with your driving needs & the low tax rates it should offer a better residual IMO than a Leaf.

All the cars above are nice compact yet spacious cars so herself will find parking & learning to drive in them a doddle.

Happy motoring, Mr & Mrs Rocko.


@rocko can you look into PCP car finance and let me know your thoughts. Wouldn’t mind an accountants perspective on it

I’m not keen on it mate. It’s not at the scam end of things, but you’re locking yourself into a replacement cycle that may not suit you. 3 years down the road and being forced to put your hand in your pocket to buy a car you’ve already driven for 3 years would be very painful - and if you could afford it then, you could probably have afforded a different decision at the time you acquired the car. So you’re down to the other 2 options - walk away, but then you’ve no trade-in for your next acquisition, or buy again but you’ve to come up with another deposit.

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Spot on.

Also, if Vat registered being a sole trader or a Company business then it may make more sense. I’m quite surprised that so many private buyers are going down this route as opposed to HP.

How so lad? I’m not too well up on this stuff

Most businesses can write off a purchase of a company vehicle over 5-7yrs if put on Lease or HP. Plus the injection of the reclaimable Vat can be useful too.

The PCP is more private owner driven in the UK, plus it has been a great boost to Irish motor dealers being able to buy 2 year old cars that the Finance companies are happy to offload.


What’s your problem?

Let’s have a chat here like adults. As I said I don’t have the energy for the constant sniping. It’s devaluing the tfk experience for me.

any chance you’d answer the question instead of sniping away there, like a good man.

Lads has anyone ever used homelinefurniture.ie ? Heard anything about them? Tà 8n advance Cc @carryharry @Brimmer_Bradley @caulifloweredneanderthal @Mullach_Ide anyone else?

Larry O’Keeffe Furniture in Clonmel has a son called Brendan who runs this online sales site. Doing well apparently but other than that info I can’t tell you anymore.

He should be well experienced in the trade but haven’t a clue what his stock is like quality wise.

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Sorry pal. South Tipp is like a whole other county.

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Is Tipperary hardware not @Fitzy s specialist subject?


Car problems question, The below light is on and power seems to be cutting out when I get to 3000rpm, any thoughts

Edit: forgot to say 2014 Santa Fe 2.2 Diesel

keep her at 2900 rpm?