FAO Chartered Accountants


Liam Dunne will be in demand to ghost write a few of next years Directors Reports.


There are fuck all large quoted companies in Ireland.Not getting nominated is an embarrassment.


Best of luck to all those getting FAE Results today. I remember getting mine - 9 years ago now. Found it a major anti climax as I knew I’d passed the day I finished them.

I’m heading for a celebratory lunch with some my FAE co-workers around 3pm and will be in the Dawson St area for pints from around 6pm if any forumites would like to catch up and talk shop.


Best of luck @Appendage


Maybe next year. :disappointed:


Thanks for the invite, mate. But I’ve got the apartment to myself this evening and plan to watch RTE’s coverage of Ireland-Bosnia in full in on RTE Player when I get home from work.


That’s the dream right there.

I presumed you’ve pencilled in a shit with the door open too? Probably what I miss most about living alone.


Anyone here work with Klynveld Peat Main Goerdeler?

Some craic on the emails this morning I’d say? We are an all island network, oh no we’re not. Lol.

Big 4 till I die. In jail.


I was hired to the KPMG / SKC graduate programme by one of the 4 arrested. I’m sure it’s a little mix up which will be easily resolved.


As an aside, it irks me that Big 4 firms are described as companies in many media outlets. While it is legally possible for audit firms to be companies, the normal entity type is partnership in Southern Ireland and Limited Liability Partnership in Her Majesty’s United Kingdom.




Totally agree on the company vs partnership pal. It’s shockingly poor grammar.


No it’s not pal.

It’s just plain wrong. It’s legally wrong.


A black day for the profession

4 KPMG partners arrested in Belfast


The cunts have clammed up on us pal.


Has KPMG girl released a statement yet?


They did this morning but nothing on here.

I don’t think it’s great for them to have 4 partners arrested in connection with a tax scam. Probably not something they should be getting caught up in.


Agreed, pretty embarrassing when four partners can’t even pull off a tax scam.


This brought tears to my emigrant eyes…

"Dear Balbec
As an overseas member, we are delighted to invite you to Chartered Accountants House if you plan on travelling to Dublin this Christmas. We will be holding an open house here on Monday 21 December. It is the busiest day of the year for inbound traffic in Dublin Airport.
Situated in the heart of the city beside Trinity College, why not pop in to Chartered Accountants House and lighten your load? Leave your luggage or shopping bags (from 8.30am to 8.30pm) and we’ll take care of them, leaving you free to explore the city in all its festive glory.
In addition, from 4pm we would be delighted to see you for a glass of mulled wine, hot chocolate and a mince pie from 4pm. Children are welcome, we’ll have selection boxes for kids and big kids alike. Get a tour of the building. Stay on from 6.30pm and meet committee members, 10 Year FCA members, members of the leadership team, staff and hear from Ronan Dunne FCA CEO Telefonica our guest speaker at 7pm.
For catering purposes, regarding the 4pm or 6.30pm networking receptions, please let me know if you can let me know at your earliest convenience or by Thursday 17 December.
Best regards

Stephen Molloy
Manager Members in Business & Professional Development Marketing "


Sheer class. We should all be proud