FAO Chartered Accountants


Ye’re like the fuckin Masons.


Unreal. Think of the networking opportunities.


It makes me proud to be a chartered accountant.


Some fucking scam that is. The Nigerians would be proud of it.
Just pay us upwards of 1k a year and we’ll send you an advertisement laden magazine every month, and if you’re near Dublin on one specific day in December we’ll give you a shot of hot chocolate with a selection box.
Nice one alright.


Yeah, it’s brilliant value.


I’m tied into a similar organisation myself @Bandage and it breaks my bollix to pay it, but what can a man do.
I get a complimentary calendar most years.


Only better. We get selection boxes.


€550 or something to be part of CAI. Incredible value.


Do you have a correspondence course qualification?




Hope to chat to many of you at the Chartered Accountants Ireland christmas lunch in the Burlo shortly.


If you want to be taken as an international business man you need to call it the “Doubletree”

Otherwise you look like a roaster up from the country looking for Marathon Bars and Opal Fruits.


Signing in from the Christmas Luncheon.

Having a wonderful meal with my friend and former colleague @Bandage.

Great crowd here.


These foreign vultures may come and go, but the Burlo will always be the Burlo.



@briantinnion had to step out to take a business call - he’s a businessman. I’m just having a moment myself to check work emails and TFK. Will resume networking presently.


Is there much tail there, pal?


Actually loads. Some lovely young ones for me and @Bandage and some nice older birds for the likes of @balbec.

Still on my call guys. I’m on mute.



Just noticed @Bandage ready posted a similar pic. Apologies all.