FAO Chartered Accountants


Classy ones please. I have my own Christmas party tonight. That will be an eyeopener. @flattythehurdler 's was League Two standard. Mine will Champions League Final level.


Absolutely lovely. You have an unfair industry advantage. Anyhow, pictures or gtfo


Just moderating a debate between two beautiful lady accountants about whether the finance or credit functions should hold the ultimate power.


You mad man @Bandage. Living on the edge. Not one, but two.
Party on man!!


Credit, I’d imagine.


Best of luck to all members working in the engine room of the profession, Audit and Assurance. This is a very busy time for them as many large companies complete and sign off their annual financial statements. The role of the Chartered Accountant is crucial at this time of year to support them in this activity. I shall sign my Letter of Representation tomorrow.


Fellow members, don’t forget to take the online members survey. To assess your satisfaction with the Chartered Accountant brand. Your opinion counts.


Delighted to receive my invite this morning. A really exciting new networking opportunity being rolled out by my alma mater.


We are the best.


Would an ACCA qualified accountant be looked at like dirt on your shoe if you were a chartered accountant?

I have Cap1s done in my spare time but cant see how I would ever get to the end of them without going into a job which would allow me the flexibility to do them. The ACCA has huge flexibility to complete in contrast.

I don’t work in finance but would like to get through them be decent addition to my CV would open to few doors for me and I have the full 36 months PER met already with ACCA as well.


In limerick we called accas banana pickers. i’d prefer to be transgender than ACCA.


That’s enough about that so. I wont waste my time.

Cheers balbec.

What’s a bannana picker btw.


Better off doing CIMA


Fellas would have you believe CIMA is the lowest if the low!?


Also just to be clear. I’m not looking for the best education. Just the handiest way to the letters really tbh


No one respects mickey mouse letters.


ACCA is to accounting what an I.T. is to education.


Is CFA worth anything mate?


What’s that?


what you want is a CCIE