FAO Chartered Accountants


Apparently it’s a very sought after qualification in that game.

The pass rates are supposed to be well below 50%.


If you were in the finance game it’d be very well respected.
Supposed to be very difficult and unlike accounting exams which fella’s (accountants) would tell you are difficult I don’t know any thick cunts who are CFA’s.


Informative rating.


The CFAs are hard but the failure rate would be partly high due to there being no Irish body like CA who recommend study leave.


I see the Benevolent fund is on its last legs.


Congrats to all TFK’s Chartered Accountants on your silver screen debut.


Lads. I need to get my affairs in order. I’m looking for an accountant in the Midwest who is flexible, open and non judgemental


This looks like it’ll be a superb event:


I’m gutted that I won’t be around to attend.


Could you ask him for his advice on how to assess businesses for investment?

Also, good to see Chartered Accountants getting an original speaker…


That is some serious internetting.


It will be hilarious when Kevin creates a personality profile based solely on watching this particular film and aligns it to a particular poster here.


Congratulations to all those who passed their Chartered Accountancy Final Admitting Exams today.


MV Cill Airne was heaving at lunchtime with PwC young wans getting their drink on early.


I’m trying to remember but I think results were out closer to Christmas back in my day. Maybe in late November or something.


The exams were brought forward by two (or possibly three) weeks as there is now an option to repeat in January, mate.

I have been out for lunch with my younger colleagues, jovial spirits all round. I would expect some of the finest young business minds to congregate around Harcourt St. this evening. Such a concentration of business knowledge is a serious operational risk for Ireland Inc.


Well said


Mine were out on the 8th of November. A great day.


The whole concept of repeats is an outrage. In January as well for fuck sake.


I passed the core but failed the elective