FAO Chartered Accountants


I think I celebrated it well with your bunch, same as every year. Black Russians in kobs were the height of sophistication


There were seven of us on the tab. We paid 221 quid each. A great day. I crashed my car and all that morning going out to tell the folks. Ran into the back of a merc at the stone circle at Grange.


Did ye not have the phone in kilmallock?

I called home and went for a few pints


I drove out. It meant a lot to them.


They must have been very proud of you and rightly so.


@balbec et al


Proof reading failed. “Any Dufresne”, as any intercounty GAA player could tell you, should be “Andy Dufresne”

Jonathon The Duke Mardukas was the ultimate accountant in the movies.


They could surely have included the movie “The Accountant”.


I see James Rubin is the guest speaker at the Annual Dinner in the New Year. Pity they couldn’t get a winner from the Trump camp.


It should make for a more interesting speech anyway.


Anyone going to the Christmas lunch in the Burlo? Always a belter of a day.


What day?


Are they providing that mind your luggage service at the Institute while you do your Christmas shopping again this year?


December 9th.


I haven’t heard yet but i believe it was well received last year so could be a runner.


“Chartered Accountants can now download a Professional’s Guide to Understanding Stress and Depression by Dr Claire Hayes. It will help you understand the nature of stress and depression so that you are better informed and able to promote mental health and wellbeing in your practice, your workplace and in yourself”.

I don’t think we need this, we are all winners.


Anyone going to the wine tasting in Kelly’s tonight? Last year was an epic success by all accounts.


Having a wine tasting event in Rosslare Strand surely promotes drink driving.


Relax pal. It’s Christmas.