FAO of @Babs Keating

Donkeys occasionally win derbys - Jennets too.


Babs is some man for slating

Babs speaks truth to power.

For once he’s right

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Babs is always right, but he’s extra right here

Tis said of stopped clocks …

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He’s doting at this stage,but he got Murphy right

Babs is and always has been a great man.

Babs was a visionary in the 80s. He brought us out of the doldrums. I spent a bit of time with him not long after his second stint in charge. He was still fairly bitter about that whole time but he loved those lads from the 80s/90s

Babs point on the weight of the sliotar is spot on.

Nothing worse than a game of puckout-shot-score, puckout-shot-wide, and so on, and so on.


The great man on OTB at moment. Sounds a bit shook or aged.

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Is he 76 or so ??

If the ball is in play for longer it will turn into something similar to gaelic football. Rucks and mauls and fouling.

Hurling is grand

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About right - he was u21 in 64 when he won his first senior afaik.

heard him on 2fm last night on that 7pm to 8pm show last night. very enjoyable interview!

OTB tonight Babs is flat out

Hon Babs

He spoke a lot of sense last night actually

He was ill last year I was told

Who did he tip for glory this year

The snowflakes just don’t get Babs. He ticks pretty much all the boxes of greatness. (Successful player, manager, businessmen, horse racing enthusiast etc)

The mess he inherited in 2006/7 with Tipp was far from his fault. It was actually an improvement on 2003/2004/2005.

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2007 against Cark in Thurles was a great night


Does Babs have FOTF status?