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Predictions for hurling and football and camog championships minor, u21 and senior this year please mate. I feel a random accumulator is due.

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You can’t back minor games anymore.

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Ah heeyor.

He hasn’t been online for a few days which is a little unusual for him. Is anybody checking in on him?



Phone not connecting now, but I thought I’d say that he’s not on the missing persons list, nor been found so that’s positive.
I’m not even happy posting this tbh, but people are worried about him (if he reads this).


It’s an assumption, and one should never assume, but if I was to make an educated guess, I’d say he’s signed in to a hospital, and not allowed to use phone?


That’s my hope and best guess.


I’d give it a few more days and then just ring Galway garda barracks or even someone who ya’s have a mutual friend and see how the man is. I’d hate to see anything negative come to pass.

I don’t know anyone else he knows. I’ll not ring the gardai. I’ll keep trying.

Sorry, thinking out loud on that one.

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I think he has a younger brother

If he got into the UCHG psychiatric unit they would confiscate a phone/tablet. I’d a friend voluntarily commit himself a couple of years back.


I’d say that’s the hope at the moment. Hopefully the poor divil is getting looked after.

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Please God that’s what it is :crossed_fingers: