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Who do I talk to about boilers on here?

Microregeneration is the answer


See the rough birds thread

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Or else ring a plumber. I doubt anyone here will talk you through fixing a boiler!

I need a new one. I want a name of a reliable installer who won’t eat up all the TFK ad revenue.

Grant boiler.

They had an ad on radio one so they must be good.

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What do you have and what needs replacing?

You can’t get a boiler anymore, it’s not green enough

Daniel O’Donnell will take a look.

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Could we explore this statement a little to better understand your predicament?

I have a Vokera 25S.

It stopped working. It wouldn’t start. Some chap came out at the start of January and fixed it. It lasted about a week. Some other chap came out last week and said the computer panel is goosed. He said it would be expensive to replace and they couldn’t guarantee it.

He got it back working but there is no cover on it and the controls bit of it is lying upright on a counter top near it. Says it’s safe but will only last a matter of days he reckons.

The controls bit on you counter, is that the PCB with the display screen?

And is that what both chaps were working on?

Think you can get a grant to replace your boiler these days. How old is it?

You can also get a grant boiler


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The first chap, I don’t know. He just seemed to tinker with it and get it working but he wasn’t sure what caused it. I think the pressure had dropped in it but I think that was a symptom and not the cause.

The second chap, yes that’s what he was looking at. He said it was working fine otherwise. But he couldn’t get the controls to work when they were upright and the boiler only worked when they were face down or face up on the counter which is where they remain.

You may have a loose connection or a dry solder joint somewhere on the board. An easy fix for anyone handy with a multimeter and and soldering iron.

Take it to someone in rework who’d look at it while you wait.

Alternatively, you can but those boards online, about ÂŁ60.


That sounds likely/plausible. I guess the plumber doesn’t want to get involved in that.

Who or what is rework?

Grubby shop front with bars on the windows. Stuffy inside with a high counter, old Telecom Eireann phone, log book, bits of televisions, electric lawnmowers, VCR machines, Nespresso coffee makers and Beko washing machines strewn akimbo with an unhelpful, monosyllabic, balding genius somewhere out the back digging the likes of you out of trouble, one fried PCB at a time.


Google “electronics repair” in the your location. Discuss it with them over the phone first to guage whether they are capable.

The key is to give them the impression you know what is wrong but just haven’t the time to debug and repair it yourself.

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