FAO Rocko

Can I have one of those freekick email addresses? Make it briantinnion-at-thefreekick.com.

Best regards


You can of course Brian.

PM me what your existing email address you want to pair it with is.

Rocko you set me up one of these before but i wasn’t able to get it up and going, any chance you could tell me what I need to do again…

rocko can I grab one of those too there please? myboyblue@thefreekick.com

Ta kindly.

[quote=“myboyblue”]rocko can I grab one of those too there please? myboyblue@thefreekick.com

Ta kindly.[/quote]

Send me a PM with the email account you want it mapped to.

Nope, there’s none setup for you. Send me a PM same as the others.

Can I have one?

thedunph@thefreekick.com please

What’s all this about?

you mean you never set it up for me, you bollix:guns:

This is fair bent.

@rocko enact protocol Dougals blue jumper, codeword sounds like, eh like.

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@Rocko, I cannot post in the limerick matters thread, as one of the foremost Limerick posters on the forum this is bad for everybody.

And who is the poster known as unknown/deleted user who is still liking posts?

And in the dark things happen faster
I love the way you sway your hips next to mine
What you gonna tell your brother

No Carkies allowed. New rule.

Hold on.
I can’t post in any threads under the current affairs umbrella @Rocko

What’s the deal with that?

It’s because you are a massive wanker.

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It’s temporary.

I’ll see what I can do about restoring posting rights provided you commit to posting more about ending our car dominant society

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You’re an obvious racist, apparently.


The only way to go. It’s the future baby

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