FAO Rocko


Looks like the Marseille crest rotated left.


@Rocko deleted the Aberdeen-Celtic thread in a fit of pique earlier.

Sorry, @GeoffreyBoycott.


It was a clerical error. I’ll endeavour to restore.


Hard to get good staff these days with the FG boom we’re in.


We’re wasting our time online sure. we should be out building more houses.


You’ve the memory of an elephant you bollocks :smile:



Hey is there a handy way of uploading an excel file? Tried in vain already


I’ve just enabled it now.


Super ta.


Is it a bulk upload of people you know?


I wouldn’t put rockos servers under that kinda pressure.


@Rocko, is the site broken? It’s just that I haven’t received a “nice post” for my celeb spot of Aodhán O’Riordáin, Mark Little and Áine Kerr yet. It seems to be stuck on 7 likes for the past while.


I can’t reply using Google Chrome. No Reply button at bottom of screen


I got no notification of a reply just now when @myboyblue replied to my post.


Jesus, this is serious @rocko, please make this your utmost priority.


It’s working with a slight delay.


Just like @myboyblue so


I don’t get you.


Ah, very funny. Well played.