FAO Rocko


Galaxy tab pro 10




I’ve made the logo and the top bar slightly smaller in case that helps things. Let me know if that makes any difference.



Gone incredibly bright in here again, plus the TFK homepage banner is hidden. Very white.

The posters avatar also seems to have increased in size cutting into the start of posts.

What gives?


Do a Ctrl + F5 and see how things are then.


Yeah better. Can you not still keep the TFK banner to the homepage in green?


What do you mean?


In this topic, the only thing i can see in the toolbar at the top of the page is the thread title. Usually to the left of the Topic is the TFK badge which when clicked returns you to the homepage.


Nope afraid not, pal.


Does it not look like this?

Can you take a screenshot and tell me what browser etc?


Switched from Mozilla to Google-chrome. Sorted.


Rocko, were we down for an hour there? I was fucking worried, stressed even.


I think forum collapsed under the weight of yer wan’s huge arse.
It was worth it though.


I think Rocko regularly crashes the site around this time to sabotage any chance of a Nightwatcher Alliance.


@Rocko, you’ve made a fuck of the site again since you put in that euro sign, you hungry cunt. Is this what we’re paying for now is it, a worse service.


I presume you’re referring to mobile? I’ll sort that out presently.


on IE 11 the € and search icon are on top of each other. Fine on windows 10 mobile.


Same on chrome


Chrome Mobile?