FAO TAN, SLR, Portwest, Cowpat, Horsebox, fearglasagusban

and all those who go around spreading rumours by IM and thinking u can get away with it…


Ban the fuckers

I don’t post “derogatory posts” you sad wanker…

Get my name wrong or did you mean someone else chief?

i feel left out :ph34r:

bumping this thread for that maroonandwhite character who is posting libellous allegations over on the Tom Humpheries thread

where is fooley when you need him

the one time this forum needs an impartial lawyer is the one time fooleys commute takes longer than the regulated 8 mins :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

this has got to be among the most pathetic, transparent efforts in the history of this cesspit of morons. I cant figure out whether you are focussed on the named posters getting all excited or you just wanted to post up this disgusting nonsense and needed a cover

when you decided to post it were you smiling through the drool dripping from your slack jawed head with the hilarious reactions you would get. mother of fcuk you are a simpleton. at least bandage has some tiny element of sense behind the reported wall of forehead he uses to store his abuse and is a harmless village idiot.
yourself and tase are clearly swopping over the one badly damaged and sedated brain between the two of you.


very good TAN

Trust you of all people to take that line…

Very nice of you to say pal.


you are welcome. on most sites yourself or puke would be the resident juvenile twats but around here the bar is so low the most insecure keyboard warriors find a home

what types of site are these pal?

:lol: :clap:

Also TAN, i started this thread to remind people to cop on and show some sense of decorum when using this site.
its a great source of information and we wouldnt want the bossmen on here getting sick or contracting debilitating illnesses or anything from the stress of running it so please can you remember to abide by the forum charter before posting.

thanks to MBB for flagging this alleged incident of roasting over on the clare GGA thread
post reported

edit per IM from Fooley regarding infraction threat



no laughing matter pal

Were any children or animals (actual animals, not Clare people) hurt?
If so, boooooooo…
If not, :lol: :lol: :lol: