FAO wexford people

I am planning my annual vacation soon and am thinking of revisiting Wexford.I am tempted to head to Curracloe again because the beach there is one of the finest in Europe.But what other suggestions would ye have as a possible destination.I dont know much about Courtown,blackwater valley,rosslare strand and fethard on sea.Any advice would be well received especially in the area of self catering cottages/apartments or any events and festivals that may be taking place.I would be looking at last week in July/first week in August.

Have a look here for events Whiplash - http://www.discoverireland.ie/CMSPages/PortalTemplate.aspx?aliaspath=%2FSearch%2FResults&&catid=10125&countyid=5&lcid=7

The Dunbrody festival is probably in your timeframe. While New Ross is a kip, the Dunbrody festival is normally quite good. You could stay down somewhere in the south of the county and travel into it on one of the days. The east coast beach villages are usually infested with gobshites from Dublin for most of July and August so you may want to avoid them. A good rule of thumb is that the further south you go, the nicer the places and the other holiday goers become. Curracloe is the nicest beach in the county alright and if it’s a beach you want I’d advise staying close to there.

The alternative would be to head down towards Kilmore Quay or Hook Head. Heading towards the Hook opens the possibility of travelling across on the ferry to Passage in Waterford as well for something different. The lighthouse in Hook won some award that I posted about here before recently as well. You’ll find most of the villages down that direction to be pleasant and friendly and not over-run with the usual clowns you’ll get causing terror for the locals on the east coast. Some quality seafood restaurants as well. Gman is the resident Fethard expert, although KIB Man might be able to help you out with it as well.

Thanks Mac.Very insightful and a few great tips there.I wasn’t aware that there would have been such problems with anti social behaviour.From what you are saying the hook and helens bay wouldn’t have had the same riff raff as some of the other places so might head there.Hogans holiday homes have some good deals.

In Fethard Molloy’s chipper is quite the culinary experience :wink:

Neville’s Bar won the Gastro Pub of the year recently. Move on to Duncannon as well and there are quality restaurants like Dunbrody Country House, Aldridge Lodge and Squigl.

Duncannon has two festivals in August, Sandsculpting from August 13-14 and Kitesurfing August 20/21 - the August Bank Holduay is also buzzing down around this little part of paradies.

Plenty of self catering cottages but you’d want to book soon.

Maybe I’m being overly harsh so don’t rule them all out. But stay away from Courtown definitely. Curracloe would be ok but I’d head south for something a bit different.

East coast beaches :lol:

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Why not go paddling in a lake.

Banna/Ballyheigue now thats a beach.




Dollar Bay

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Nothing in your own county Julio no?


Julio lives within a half a mile of some of the best beaches in Ireland

CroppyBoy posts a few shitty stoney strands.

Crossing county boundaries doesn’t count


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[size=“7”]BEACH WAR![/size]

I hope to contribute to this thread later following completion of some business commitments and networking duties. Don’t book anything yet, whiplash.

Curracloe has staged the successful D-day landings (on film)

Banna has staged the failure of Casement to land a German U-Boat.


I agree and disagree with Mac.


  • Go to Courtown; it’s a shithole.
  • Go to other places a little bit down the east coast like Ballinesker or Blackwater.
  • Go to Curracloe; I can’t emphasise this strongly enough. People from Enniscorthy go here regularly.
  • Go to Fethard-on-Sea, Bannow Bay, Duncannon or Hook Head; these places in the south/south west of the county near Waterford are dark, dreary, less developed and home to weirdo natives.


  • Stay on the eastern seaboard but go further south beyond Wexford town.
  • Treat yourself to a few days in the luxurious Kelly’s of Rosslare Strand or the chalets in St Helen’s Bay.
  • Or go to beautiful Kilmore Quay and take a boat trip to the Saltee Islands.
  • You will be also be close to historic Wexford town where we defeated Cromwell in 1649 and Kilkenny U21 hurlers in 2011.
  • Take a trip to Carne, which is quieter but picturesque.
  • Go to Our Lady’s Island.