Fast Food

Was reading there that Subway have overtaken McDonald’s as the biggest fast food provider in the world. Surprise to me. Are we behind the times in Ireland or am I unusual in never feeling in any way tempted to eat Subway. Had one once in the States and thought it was manky.

Ignoring the premium efforts like Edward J Rockett’s I’d probably rank the chains as

1 Burger King
2 Supermacs

Hate McDonald’s for some reason, not ideological though I dislike that too but Burger King are hardly a noble enterprise.

Fucking Subway always seems manky to me though and very messy eating in an uncomfortable environment.

I would agree with you on Burger King Rocko,Best burgers(obviously) and unreal milkshakes in there!

Subway is by far the best, but really is completely different to the others. As in it doesn’t even compare in the greasy stakes.

I can’t stand Burger King for some reason.

I’m a fan of a Supermacs snackbox.

I get Subway occassionally but its pure shite.

Going to be alot of different views on this subject,I can’t stand Supermacs,Galway shit!

Wendys. Now thats where you’ll get a monster burger.

I like Supermacs because you generally have a wider range of options; chicken pieces, curry sauce etc, but not a great fan of their burgers.
I really like McDonalds cheese burgers but could take or leave the other stuff. The Eurosaver menu is great value though.
Burger King, meh.

I went through a right phase of eating subway but I’d rarely get it these days. Just lost interest in it.
I read somewhere before that there was a higher fat/salt content in a footlong than a BigMac? Also are McDonalds and Subway owned by the same company?

Nah Ronal McDonald owns McDonalds, Subway is owned by the Hamburglar. The crafty little bastard.

Interesting thread this.

I would probably go:

  1. McDonalds

  2. Buger King

  3. Supermacs

  4. KFC

  5. Abrakebabra

I wouldn’t count Subway as fast food necessarily. It is more like a Deli type arrangment.

McDonalds win on the basis of their chips. Burger King next - and then a huge gap to the rest which are average.

While Eddie Rockets was mentioned, I dined there last night with a friend. A bowl of regular fries arrived with our food which neither of us had ordered. I assumed she had ordered it but she said she didnt. I wanted to give them back to the cheeky gits but she said that she’d eat them. She threw on a big dallop of ketchup and ate about 3.

I rarely eat in any of them bar Eddie Rockets, but I was in McDonalds lately for the first time in years and thought it was pretty good and massively improved. Can’t look at a Burger King after being poisoned as a student in there.
Wouldn’t bother with Subway, most decent towns have a Quigleys type sandwich place these days. Far better.

BK fries are far superioir to McDs.

Quigleys. What are you on about pal. :lol:

It wouldn’t be greasy enough for you pal…

Shut the hell up!

Are they not pretty much exactly the same? It’s like somebody saying they prefer King to Tayto even though there’s no difference.

Anyway the thought of eating McDonald’s, Burger King etc with less than 10 pints down me is sickening.

You know what we need more of in Ireland??


Ah for fuck sake, now you’re just talking gibberish

Nando’s is a pile of shite. They’re disgracing Portugese cuisine.

In any case my top 3 would be

  1. Macaris
  2. Borza’s
  3. Supermacs

What’s the difference? The packet?

I’ve only eaten in Nando’s twice and I was abroad both times.
I thought it was nice. Those top two you named aren’t really chains so fuck off with em, or else the Limerick Chippers Group will arive en-masse and turn this into another Limerick Chippers thread.
You have been warned.