Fast Food

The packet and the taste.
King Crisps generally have more “powder” in the bag.

Nah, different batter used and the BK one’s are a lot crispier than McDs.

What defines a chain? More than one outlet?

I’ve only eaten in the Nandos in Dundrum and it’s a mess of a place.

I think the Burger Kings one actually have potato in them.

Dundrum is a mess of a place.

I think we are talking about chains that operate franchises.

Ah will ya get out of it. Dundrum is the place to go these days.

Maybe for fun boys who live in caravan in their parents back yard it is.

On that basis Starbucks isn’t a chain. Your logic is flawed.

Had this exact discussion last night, the Baconator - now that’s burger.

No it’s not, your shitty little chippers with 3 or 4 outlets in Dublin do not count, ok?
Just deal with it and move on.

  1. There’s a big difference in King and Tayto, king are more crispy and Tayto are more cheesy.

  2. There’s a big difference between Burger King fries and McDonalds freedom fries. BK fries are far crispier and just generally better. McDonalds are saltier and a bit softer/soggier.


Mac tries to ruin yet another thread.

Was in Nandos for the first time at the weekend in the capital of county Fingal. I wouldn’t say it would appeal much to country fellas because there is a bit of spice in it. But I thought it was good quality grub

A pleasing alternative.


Fuck Mac

:lol: :smiley:

  1. Supermacs
  2. Burger King
  3. McDonalds

Very rare I’d be eating anything from any of these 3 while sober though so my judgement might be flawed.

No latin?

It’s not his fault. Chaps raised entirely on the products and by products of bovine and porcine creatures with a few heads of cabbage thrown in for roughage will always struggle with some of the more esoteric cuisines of the world

I prefer everything in BK to McDonalds but it was the superior fries (when they introduced “King Fries” I think) that won me over originally.

Interesting that plenty don’t consider Subway fast food. It’s certainly very different but if I wanted a roll or sandwich I’d go to a fancy deli if I could or else a Spar or Centra and Subway would be last on my list.


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