Favourite Type of Taytos

I’m in a bit of a Hunky Dorys (strictly salt and vinegar flavour only) rut lately and need some recommendations.

I have totally gone off my old reliable Skips lately :’( and even longed for Burger Bites this morning.

What’s worth considering? ::o

I like Chickatees as one of the “novelty crisps” though haven’t seen them around for a while in the local Spar. For plain crisps I’d rarely venture away from Tayto Cheese and Onion.

Im going through a Snax phase myself at the moment. Other than that I love Frisps Cheese and Onion and Waffles on occasion or Monster Munch if they are not too spicy.

Hunky Dory cheese and onion are my favourite plain crisps. They also did Hunky Dory cheese fries years ago which were deadly. Not averse to Tayto Cheese and Onion and King neither. Big fan of Johnnie Onion Rings, Snax and Meanies also

Hula Hoops BBQ are always up there on the list. Cheetos are always a good snack with a few beers

All Marks and Spencers handcooked crisps are gorgeous. No normal salt and vinegar for these guys, Sea salt and Balsamic Vinegar is the business.

Never tried M&S ones but are they similar to the sea salt and balsamic vinegar ones you get in O’Brien’s Sandwich Bar? I’m a fan of these.

Rancheros, of course, would also be an old favourite.

Like the chickatees and meanies shouts too.

Never tried M&S ones but are they similar to the sea salt and balsamic vinegar ones you get in O’Brien’s Sandwich Bar?

I dont actually know. Might head to O’Briens for lunch today and see what they’re like.


Walkers Cheese and Onion

King cheese and onion

One of my favourites at the moment. Might try and get a packet on the way home

Partial to these bad boys myself. ( Cider vinegar & sea salt flavour are top class )

http://www.shelflife.ie/img/June 11/Crisps4.jpg

An old favorite

As I have previously said O’Donnell’s Cheese and Onion are the gold standard these days. Other brands taste like cardboard in comparison. Although I think I may give those Keoghs beef and stout crisps a go.

Rancheros - do they still sell them? A mighty crisp

Correct. Lock the thread.

I had a smashing brand of crisps recently in Ollie Hayes bar in Monegal but cant remember the name. I remember they were made in Laois.

Tayto snax use to be one of my favourites but since they changed recipe they have gone to shit. Why the fuck to they have to mess with a perfectly good recipe?