Feeling a bit sick


II have the sniffles and a sore throat. Please sympathise with my plight here.



Just having a Lemsip here now. Some liquid snot fell out of my nose and ran down the front of my hoodie when I stood up to go to the kitchen.

Do you feel well enough to knock one out Clarkey? That could help.

Feel better soon buddy.

Fuck off.

Get Well Soon Clarkey.
I hope it’s just a small dose of the common cold you have and not AIDS.

If it’s AIDS, you know as well as I do, it’ll be the bad AIDS.

Thanks for the well wishes mate.

:o You’re obviously not feeling yourself today Clarkey.

:clap: :lol:

Get well Clarke. Hope you have supplies. If you don’t i’m sure Bandage will do the decent thing and drop over some things during lunch.

Cheers Kev. I’ve Lemsip and Halls. In work here wrecking people’s head, sniffling and that. I never really was any good at blowing my nose, never really got the knack so I’m more of a wiper than a blower and I sniffle a bit (but not as miuch as some people).

Dont kill yourself whatever you do.


You’ll need drugs Clarkey, sweets are nice and all, and the lemsip will give a brief relief, but its pharmaceuticals that are needed. Neurofen plus would be my suggestion.

I believe you have recently taken up exercising/running or whatever. You should note that healthy fit people like ourselves are actually quite susceptible to picking up colds etc due to the training being done breaking down the immune system. Just something to be aware of Calrkey.

I think I had a heart attack there about 30 minutes ago but I just shook it off although my left arm feels like it isnt really there at the moment. Quite numb.

A few hot whiskeys at lunchtime should sort you out clarkey

I find that when I catch these things early, the Lempsip and Halls do the job. Nurofen Plus would be completely over the top - that’s very strong stuff.

I understand you are just trying to help though.

Was playing astro last night (picked up some very good positions at times) so maybe that had an impact. The 6 or 7 pints of lager wouldn’t have helped either.

That sounds more like a stroke there, Flano.

Lois: How you feeling Peter?

Peter: Had better daysssshhhhh, Loisssshhh, had better daysssshhhh.

Might just do that. Cheers Mac Attack.

Pull the power cable out of the back of your PC. Strip the wires. Apply said wires to your heart region. Repeat if needed. Seems to work on the TV.

Don’t forget to shout clear.

You lucky git.
Go buy some Sudafed and take double or triple the recommended dosage. You’ll have a great afternoon.

The NFL guys are mad for it.

When I get a sore throat I buy bag of those little mandarin oranges and eat them all. Then I buy another bag and eat them too. If necessary, another bag. It usually does the trick quite effectively, you can get fairly high off the Vitamin C actually.