Feeling a bit sick


Feeling a bit queasy after clicking on the roughish birds thread


Too much screen time and not enough fresh air maybe? Get well soon mate


“kong strong” is the stuff i got in Lidl, id say its the dutch gold of energy drinks
i had very little energy there at all in me today, you’re only fit for lying down, i went in to work today anyway, all shivers and stuff, nearly fell asleep in the car on the way home ,im taking the sudafed and the lemsip every few hours , ill go in there again tomorrow and poision all those cunts leaving dirty hankies on the desk.
ive had no shits at all


Not sure I have had a cold since I started taking ester c. The NyQuil is probably out of date at this stage.

I would also encourage businessmen on the forum to avoid shaking hands and to fist pump at the start of meetings to avoid fuckers giving you germs. If you have to shake hands or are caught unawares then use a hand sanitizer gel immediately.


That night I took the concoction of two baby Jameson, two lemsip , a spoon of sugar topped up with boiling water hammered the shit out of it.
Been as right as rain since.


You’re welcome. Next time don’t forget the cayenne pepper, that really chases the little bastards.


Feeling like I’m on the mend, guy.


I’ve a path worn to the jacks all night. Not pretty


I’ve a head cold goys … nothing too bad but i thought i’d keep you in the loop.


It’s your own fault for gorging yourself on Maccy D’s.


The mrs, cat and dog all had a cold last week :rofl:


I’ve a head cold and a sore back.
Make what you will of that


Don’t feel guilty. Remember - it’s YOUR dog.


Does anyone get the lemsip /paracetamol farts? rancid …


No interest in drink, and now this…




That you have a head cold and a sore back?


I got through 60 mins of astro football guys. I had a mixed game.


@caulifloweredneanderthal said you wouldn’t kick a ball out of your way though so don’t feel too bad about it, kid.


I’d bate the head off you if I caught you, you cunt.