Feeling a bit sick




You wouldn’t catch me though. I’d run rings around you.


I hate when we fight …




I’ve had two hot whiskey, two nurofen and thinking of going for a third whiskey.


Think I’ve an ear infection guys. An awful painful fucker of a thing.


An ear ache or a tooth ache. Two of the worst fucking pains you can get


At least its a short back #thankgodforsmallmercies


I’m quenched.


I had the flue for 2 weeks it’s hard to shift the one going around so mind yourself


Another 60 mins tonight guys - full pitch - I’ll run this cold off yet.

Roast chicken and spuds and carrots in the oven for recovery.


Couldn’t get out of bed today. Feeling a bit better this evening. Hopefully it’ll pass


Sounds serious kid … you’re spreading yourself too thin these days - i’m worried about you.


I’m still not right. Still getting temperatures and weakness after any bit of exertion.


You wernt sharing needles or anything no?


I’m dying and all you can do is make smart comments


Early menopause mate. Open a window.


Just ruling out the biggies pal? You didnt come into contact with any exotic animals over the past few weeks?


Shove your thumb up your hole and man the fuck up.


I was in a meeting with a person from West Clare last week?