Feeling a bit sick


You shouldn’t have got sick around Christmas time. Your trivial health issue will not stop them having a great time during the festive period.


Klopp could use you around Melwood.


Thanks e-pal. The antibiotic he prescribed that may cause drowsiness should sort me out. He decided to check my blood pressure which was on the slightly high side and now wants me to get my bloods done FFS.


You should be getting your bloods done every year at your age.


Lads whinging and crying over a bit of a cold? Man the fuck up


I’m currently recovering from a rotten cold.

Phlegm and chesty coughs and snorting everywhere.

The sounds coming from my throat and nose remind me of the guttural sounds of the Dutch language.

I’m wondering if such phlegmy sounds were the origin of the word “Fleming”, as in the Dutch speakers in Belgium.

As an aside, I find red onions and garlic a tremendous accelerant which rips through the process of a sore throat at great speed. Very harsh on the tongue, however, and they don’t accelerate the process of sinus tickling, eye irritation and chesty coughs which can undermine the foundations of a house.

Between 4pm on Saturday when I first felt the early signs of a sore throat and 4am on Sunday, I consumed three red onions (chpped finely into rings), 10 cloves of garlic (chopped for sucking on), the entirety of two red bell peppers, 12 cherry tomatoes, two raw chili peppers chopped up, seeds and all, and three whole oranges. I mixed these in with several pieces of cheese and some peanuts, oatcakes and Habanero Tabasco sauce. The sore throat was gone by Sunday morning.


I bet you’re a massive hit with the ladies


Men with colds generally aren’t.

The only massive hit I’m interested in when I have a cold is a massive hit of vitamin C and anti-oxidants.


I probably need to clarify for a few lads here re the above that the oranges weren’t mixed in with the peanuts and cheese, and were consumed separately.


Vitamin-Cock I’d say


Vitamin C tablets do come in a six inch long cylindrical tube.

If that has triggered your imagination in a certain way, who am I to argue with you.


4 inches actually. Quit lying to yourself


Thanks for going and measuring it.

You’ve finally found some purpose in life.


This has gone far enough


There’s a couple of lads here whose head would explode if they ever wandered into the “Missing members” thread.


I don’t feel well at all and very rare that I come down with anything, it’s been 3 year I’d say since I’ve been ill. Similar flu type symptoms again, irritating chesty cough, dull pains in the back of the head and limbs, no energy with tight eyes and this is just the beginning. I’ve been to the chemist and bought a bottle of night nurse. I’ll slug it back in one go before I go to bed.


I’m in hospital. I’m very ill lads.


Sorry to hear that grapes. Look after yourself


No energy to engage but I thank you for your good wishes. :+1:


What’s up mate?