Feeling a bit sick


In London they would


what’s the story?
w,r,t bloods did they commnet at all in IgE level?
in general the symptom you describe are of something that is almost like an extreme allergic reaction - hence the almost organ failure and chest issues
i have / had crhronic asthma , all my life - steroids are wonderful as the can calm anything down, not breathing a hell of an experience - i contacted Pneaumonia in jerusalm in 2011 and had an asthma attack whilst in work- the salbutamol inahler wasnt working as the infecton in my lungs were rendering it useless - i remember been taken fron the apparrtment to the hospital in an amnulance and the adrenaline injection inside to kick start me - it was frightening-
steroiods (im guessing you’re wired up high on predisone) will calm down any sign that there is something wrong - these signs are asthma, sinusits (in my case) but also issuess like eczema - all signs that the body is fighting something,
last year it was discovered my Ige was 12x greater the norm - i now get injectons of Xolair that supreses the IgE and hence no more asthma - howver the root cause for the elevated IgE is not understrood- teh asthma and the sinuses were the symptoms of the problem but the root cause is unknown - xolair just locks the IgE in so it dosent cause a problem,
now i had all this discovered when i checked in to the beacon for a week- previous bloods revealed nothing
the guy in there originally thought i had some thing called churg strauss syndrome- adult onset asthama, prgress sinusitis and high Ige - would lead to organ failure and death,
now i just get xolair and dont use inhalers anymore

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its an essential really
there’s a lot to be said for having a job that sort it for you
as an aside - how much does it cost for a family of 4? i dont even see it in my salary leaving, it a B.I.K of some sort i suppose
anyone having kids w/o it tho is reckless,


About 2500 for a decent plan with VHI


That’s very interesting @mickee321 nobody mentioned IgE levels wether the tested for it or not. I went back to the doctor twice since my last post. The first chap was great (St. Michael’s cc: @artfoley) gave me more steroids, an antibiotic and inhalers, the inhalers were great when gasping for air in the middle of the night, the antibiotic was a waste of time. Went back to my GP then and she was taking the whole thing quite seriously, more steroids and an EPI pen. The steroids worked but very slowly and they absolutely destroyed by stomach which is only coming right now.

I’m waiting to hear about an appointment with an immunologist now, feeling a good bit bettter in the last few days so I’m thinking it was just a very nasty virus


Has anyone else had the puking bug that’s doing the rounds? Caught up with me tonight, thought I had gotten away with it when the other half and the brother had it before Xmas. Projectile emissions at both ends :hospital:


Hot brandy and port.


Sunday evening I started to develop a sore throat. I recognized this as the first sign of an upper respiratory viral infection.

I immediately set to action

2000mg of Ester C and then 1000mg of Ester C on the hour

Vick’s first defence up each nostril on the hour

Stayed in bed til 10am Monday. Repeated the Ester C every two hours Monday and the First Defence twice in morning and evening Monday.

The sore throat abated and it’s Tuesday morning now and I’m calling a win as the coughing, blocked nose symptoms have not materialized but will continue the Ester C and First Defence every few hours today.

I’ll do a gym session this evening.

Cc @The_Selfish_Giant


Attended my GP yesterday, had rang into work sick Sunday evening, I’ve had fairly heavy URTI since about Dec 30th, thought I was over the worst of it and foolishly did 7ks on the mountains Saturday. The URTI came back with a vengeance late on Saturday, that, along with an excruciating pain in my right ear.
Anyway my GP wanted to admit me to hospital yesterday but I assured her I wasn’t that bad and that Mrs Bradley (junior) would provide better care for me in the home environment.
I’m currently on a course of antibiotics and lovely lovely painkillers, however, I’ve a repeat appointment with the GP on Friday and the threat of hospitalization if I’m not cured by then.

Some dose, literally.


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I’ve gone to see my GP instead of usual video doc as have bad chest infection and cough for nearly 3 weeks. Waiting 82 minutes and counting.


No wonder he’s left you waiting, he hasn’t seen you in years because you’ve been taking your business elsewhere.


Thoughts and prayers @TheUlteriorMotive, @Brimmer_Bradley and @Spidey.


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Thanks buddy.

also… just over 40mins, first run of 2019,although mountains not much of an ascent.


Nope, I’m still waiting for that cunting Immunologist to get back to me with an appointment