Alot of small little disputes going on around the board - might be an idea to keep track of who hates whom in this thread so we can all use it as a reference when there are arguments going on.

If you decide you don’t like someone, take the time to let us know in here.

  1. Ball Ox v The World: poor Ball. Loved by nobody but the underclasses. Finds it hard to make himself heard over on Talking Balls.

  2. Farmer v Dancarter: simmering undercurrent of negativity between this pair, has threatened to boil over a few times.

  3. Bandage v Flango: this seems to have evolved from jibes and slagging to pure hatred. Great to see, vitriol is the lifeblood of the internet forum.

  4. The Puke v Chocolate Mice: Puke took him up all wrong, some sort of half-arsed apology, if I was CM I wouldn’t be accepting that.

  5. NorthCountyCorncrake v Rural based posters: Poor effort from NCC so far. Obvious wind-up. Flango and Farmer have fallen for NCC’s “butter 'em up” trick in the past, not sure why he didn’t use it this time.

  6. Farmer v Juniorrossie: simple geography at stake here.

  7. Farmer v Juhniallio: a loating built on sporting rivalries that has descended into a decent slagging match. We need to work on fanning the flames of this one before it runs out of fuel though.

I’m sure there’s plenty more I’ve forgotten.

Deadly! I’ll use anything to my advantage.

Farmer seems to have a fair few on that list

so, out of the 7 ‘fueds’, farmer can be attributed to being involved in 5 of them. Bit odd, no?

Myself and NCC couldn’t be seen to not hate each other. Our vitriol has been bounced back and forth on more than one forum so in that sense it transcends most of the half-arsed bored-at-work culchie baiting that currently seems to pass for vitriol around here.


I have no problem with Ball Ox.

The Juhniallio one was based on a dislikeness having met him in person on occassion. I haven’t seen him in some time so my dislikeness has mellowed somewhat.

NCC is irrelevant as is Juniorrossie. Both strike as unintelligent gombeens with whom a feud would be giving them the respect they clearly don’t deserve.

As for dancarter there have been a few disagreements between us. I found his defence of tag rugby laughable and didn’t believe his ‘riding in the safe’ story but wouldn’t have said it amounted to a feud or anything…

Damn it. Don’t be telling them that…

i have no beef with chocolate mice…but let it be a lesson to everyone round here cross me and i will bust your chops…

i personally cant stand flano ever since i saw the picture of him in his cardigan looking like a trekkie harold bishop…captainshan boils me too with his goody-goody attitude…

You’re a brave lad Pukey, I’ll give you that.

What do you wanna get involved an’ all do ya? Well do ya?

I’m not going to bait you, you’re not a “culchie”

Yes Gman, Farmer is a bit odd indeed.

As regards my own personal feud, I initially thought Flano was a pretty sad fook but a harmless one. Then he turned up at TFK.com 2006 Christmas Party bash and since then he’s been an insufferably boring and annoying cunt. He patrols the forum butting into stuff (no surprise here given he’s a gaymo) that doesn’t concern him more or less trying to spoil the debates and spends most of his time whining and moaning about the topics being discussed, e.g. his ‘Has This Forum Gone To The Dogs?’ thread.

It’s like the young Harold Bishop feels he should be given the privilege of vetting what subjects get discussed - the tubby tosser. He’s also a gutless fook who never backs up his arguments but lets his banned friend or NCC fight his battles for him. It was notable that when his banned pal was away for a week recently there wasn’t a peep out of Flango on Talking Balls for the entire time but since his friend with the huge 1970’s quiff has been back talking scheidt on there Flango has been wading in behind him (no surprise here either). Grow a pair you speccy prick.

The self-professed hardman is a pathetic, gutless loser and he’s going to get a severe kicking at Wrestlemania XXV when I see his fat, ugly face and his ridiculous white flannel jacket.

Well then put your soppy fuckin cap back on and fuck off

thanks…i am known for it…i would put my hand where most lads wouldnt put a hurley and my head where most lads wouldnt put their boot…

in fairness your fairly brave to be sporting that pudding bowl hair cut…

Seriously Bandage stay the fuck away from me over there for your own good.

And as for you Sledge, I’ll do my own thing.

Shut the fook up Flango - you absolute ballbag weiner with your pathetic ‘I am a legend, I am hard’ bullshit. Chocolate Mice called it as it is today - you’re a sad fooking nobody who throws a few shapes when your mates are around. But really you’re just a sad prick who makes sherry trifles and sells them in The Coffee Shop in Erinsborough. I look forward to making your acquaintance in Houston - you dickhead.

i quite like you Sledge

you given up on the betfair forum?


As for dancarter there have been a few disagreements between us. I found his defence of tag rugby laughable and didn’t believe his ‘riding in the safe’ story but wouldn’t have said it amounted to a feud or anything…[/quote]

I wouldnt call it a feud either Farmer. You do seem to question everything I post on this board though for some reason.

I find your defence of Leitrim laughable.

He doesnt like you Dan. He’s been talking smack about you. Bandage mentioned it on another thread somewhere

Good old Flano - right on cue…

Now go and hide in the bushes when the fight is going on and come in an throw a kick Dougalesque

Thats a tough break for me Flano I guess, I will in time get over it. Leitrim people whilst a nice bunch quite often do have an inferiority complex. I am not going to insult the big sequioa and give him a further complex.