Fianna Fail


Substitute for Brian Crowley MEP complains at absence since 2014 (via @IrishTimes)


3 years, that’s a scandal.


Yes but as the Smiths sang "What difference does it make " ?


Brian Crowley’s days could be numbered.


He should have left the position a while back, not sure what he is thinking.


Tis a lucrative gig .


They’d want to be very careful on how they oust him. An employment law solicitor would be licking his lips at a dismissal case considering his circumstances.


I assume the “ousting” will be in the form of an election?


Somebody might cut the brakes on the wheelchair


De-selecting is the standard term I can affirm.
Time for a change there in any event but the party will need to tread carefully going forward.
Doubtless a Healy-Rae will have a cut at it to cause a stir.


Bit of a clusterfuck in the North overnight.


I read that this morning … They had a big unveiling of a cardboard cut out of their northern Councillor who was standing just in front of it :rofl:


Had a look there … it was a poster :joy:


Mark trying to get Tail in a very sly way the useless cunt.


Jaysus Eamon O’Cuiv plans to be a campaign manager for candidate in a local election for an incumbent.

He’s seriously stretching himself there the utter, utter cunt of a man,


@Boxtyeater Would the timing of this debacle in the North be O’Cuiv trying to get a dig at a Martin for not giving him the presidential ticket.


Negative. O’Cuiv is another disenchanted with Martin’s leadership skills and style. He’s not alone in this either - McGuinness, Cowen and McConalogue amongst a cabal of about a dozen are looking for a more abrasive approach from Slippy Mickey. Not forthcoming.

There will be a revisitation to PJ Mara’s famous phrase in the dark days of CJH

No nibbling at the leaders bum…


They desperately need a change. There seems to be a fear there that a move away from Martin will lead to the party becoming a perennial second or third place party. A move back to the right on social issues would probably be good for them in the short term though.


They’ll all be jumping on the KC bandwagon after this weekend


It’s hammer time