Fianna Fail


Poor Jack Chambers will choke on his coco pops this morning reading that


A great move for both parties. He’s gonna make FF great again.


A rat joining a sinking ship.




Saw a stat earlier that 47% of FF voters voted for Casey while it was only 17% for FG.

Similar data to show FF voters voted against repeal the eighth and blasphemy and also correlated with continued poor FF showing in Dublin in recent years.

Maybe FF’s future isn’t the centrist party of old with those sort of past-voters heading to (and staying with) FG


The right place for him.


Exciting news about your man Casey, cc @chocolatemice.


Seems to me like Martin is trying to drag them forward and not let them just revert to being the party of stupid backward fuckers like @Bartholemew_the_Ladd, while trying to maintain the base vote. They’re fucked if they’re going after Casey’s voters.



I’ll be joining myself now.


It says a lot about FF that Casey is best prospect they’ve had for getting in government for years.

He’s the candidate for their natural old base in the 60s and 70s, small landowners, The Irish working class that calls itself middle Ireland. He talks to them more directly than new FF. FF’s problem is that when the small landowners’ kids joined the professional ranks they stopped voting FF and even started hating them, especially if they moved to the city. I don’t know how FF can fix that.

David McWilliams yesterday talking about how urban and rural Ireland merged was a very good article.


I got as far as the cartoon of Sliothair Mom and put the paper away.


Yeah - Martin has a more modern inclusive vision but that’s not much good if his voter base don’t really buy into it and other voters find that other parties offer it more appealingly


Yeah they’re stuck between two stools.


You’d wander why the poor cunt is even half arsed with the whole show tbh.


It really is a win win for Champ. A high profile new recruit and a future leader in waiting as well.


Martin isn’t ignorant enough for the average Fianna Fáil voter.



He got more votes in limerick county than Collins ever will


George Lee was a good vote puller too. Party politics is a different game.