Fidel Castro

Was Castro good or a not

Ok but not great . A staple of Itv fight night and sports night on late eighties and early nineties . Remember his fight with Hemty Wharton . Also called Slugger O Toole .

a horrible cunt like all commie/socialists


Jeremy Corbyn leading the tributes, say no more

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Michael D lead the tributes pal, get it straight.

Tremendous scenes. Freedom reigns.

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Of course the cowards that left hated him

Oh look here comes the lefties to defend him;

Corbyn and the lads out to defend human rights abuses because he was a true socialist (who had a private island for himself :grin:)

I’m not defending him at all. I’m just laughing at you using lads who left the country as an example to show that Cubans didn’t like Castro

Yeah those people fleeing from the paredón are some bastards.

Nice deflection tactics

Castro was a poisonous little cunt.

The type who are passionate about migration into western Europe will no doubt have adored this bollox for his socialist mumbo jumbo.
I see SF/IRA for example are practically in mourning for some rotten bastard who wouldn’t let his own people out let alone other countries terrorists in :smile:
You couldn’t make it up.
The next few days will be really really good for picking off hypocrites with socialist leanings.

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" people who are left leaning will be unhappy that Castro is dead"

Sidney will be going ape with a Yasser Arafat headscarf on in the flat drinking and getting worked up by the injustice of it all, President Elect Trump will also modernise Cuba

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like the americans have already done with Haiti & the Dominican republic?

How is that deflection?

You are upset that many people whose parents and grandparents were forced to move by a dictator would be happy at his death?

Another darling of liberals everywhere applauds the firing squads and butchery of Castro. “Cuba’s longest serving President” - he was a dictator who left his brother in charge when he was too sick to still rule ffs.

You deflected from my post by insinuating I said something which I didn’t say. Just as you are trying to do again in your last line there