FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread

Is there a thread already? Couldnt find it …

Anyway, @Copper_pipe, please set up the TFK WC prediction league

I’ll do it there later on. I’m trying to replace the screen on my IPad now :expressionless: It took a bad drop yesterday :pensive:

There’s an England Supporters thread and a World Cup betting thread.

I recall the early days of TFK when everyone was young, carefree and enthusiastic. A World Cup year would have seen a thread like this one set up by May 13th at the very latest. It would have been updated for each of the provisional and then final squad announcements. It’s a shame the way it’s gone these days.


We’re you too busy practicing the driving to start the thread yourself?

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A world cup behind an iron curtain followed by one in a desert at Christmas.
That’s the way it has gone now I suppose.

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Socceroos just beat the Czech Republic 4-0 on a friendly. Great goal by Andrew Nabbout. He could be one if the surprise packages of the world cup, extremely fast with great control and a cracking shot, he’ll run at people and could well upset some of the more refined full backs. He’s built like a brick shithouse so won’t be bullied off the ball, his lack of international experience could actually be an advantage if he’s given licence to run at players.

Leroy Sane left out of the Germany squad, seems like a daft call

They must have some squad.


The Germans ?? No, I think you’re trying to skew the thread.:wink:

Decent look at the squads from the Irish times.

Any interest in a paid prediction league? Say 20 euro a man, @Rocko to get 50% off the pot to keep the TFK hamster wheel running and the remainder to be up for grabs…


Your such a legend. Go for it.

Be up for that.

Game ball

If we get 10 I’ll set it up

Argentina have reportedly pulled out of a friendly against Israel in Jerusalem scheduled for Saturday after pressure from the Palestinians.

Sampaoli will be delighted - it’s well known he was dead against this fixture as he wants more time on the training pitch. Argentina are training in Barcelona at the moment.

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