FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread


Is he with Urawa in Japan?


I am in for this. We can surely get more than ten lads if it means the money is going to a good home or slush fund.


Yes, the Red Diamonds. Transferred there mid A League season.


Hope Solo will be appearing on our screens soon.
I thought RTE were making their own Star Wars show
but they are adding a woman to their soccer ball team.
the auld gender balancing.


Hope Solo is a bold, exciting choice by the national broadcaster.

Eveything that Shay Given isn’t.

Disappointed to see Cunny Kenningham not included in the list of pundits. Himself and Eamon Dunphy were box office when arguing against each other at the last World Cup.


I had to google her.
She bate the head off a kid and her own sister?
if that was a male being rolled out with that record there would be murder.


Definitely a woman alright


Great news that Hope Solo is joining the RTE panel.:grinning:


You picked the best ones available. Jesus Christ there are a few of them and I swear to God she has teeth down there.


Even better would be Hope Solo and Ashling Thompson on the panel.


Anyone able to recommend a decent online predictor game? Would prefer If I didn’t have to do all the manual work :sweat_smile:


game is off
this looks like an OG from Bibi who switched the game from the national stadium in haifa to Tedi stadium in jerusalem
last march bibi invited the argentine PM to israel saying that he would be delighted to meet him at the “eternal capital” using it as a ploy to basically show that the argentine PM was recognizing jerusalem
when this story broke last week the argentinian’s released a statement saying they would play if it was in Haifa- today a source then cited player safety
the real reason is the arrogance of bibi trying to set up the argentinian PM and the photo opportunuity he wanted in jerusualem, it was a bizarre one to begin with, there are very strong ties with israel and argentina and messi has done summer exhinitions on both sides of the jerusaelm fence but this was clearly a step too far for the argentinian PM, im trying to understand who set this friendly up to begin with and why say it wasnt played austria or somewhere… ill report back


The definition of a growler


Great to see Argentina refuse to play
against terrorists.


I done a very good one four years ago where you’d to essentially pick a winning bet from the days games at odds larger than evens. It was last man standing format. So if you lost you were out. So say 50 lads at 20 a pop and say 300 for @rocko , 500 for the winner, 150 for second and 50 for third.


Argentina a right crowd to be taking the moral high ground. The warmongers should have been thrown out of the 1982 World Cup. Mind you they had surrendered and the Falklands were recaptured a week or so before the 1982 World Cup began.


Was that a single evens or better bet or any double/treble etc?


yeah but the thing is when this game was organised 4 months ago its not like the situation has dramatically shifted in israel and they suddenly became terrorists as you put it in a few months
the game was signed and sealed for Haifa, it was bibi’s clowning with the PM and his jersusalem bravado that got the match cancelled


Any way just had to be above evens.


Does “ bibi “ have any interest in football ?