FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread


The sanz of time are running low .


Why have they sacked him?

It’s bizarre.


there are 4 barcelona players in the squad, I’d imagine they’d have issues playing under the current Real Madrid manager. Possibly


Basil never got rid of a Spaniard.

Who can come in at short notice and lead the Spaniards out of this mess?

Luis Enrique?
Del Bosque?
Mariano Rajoy?
Julio Iglesias?


Surely they have no choice but to appoint the assistant? Way too late for an outsider.


4m ago
There is no news yet on who will manage Spain in their first World Cup game IN TWO BLOODY DAYS’ TIME. It’s a staggering demonstration of masculinity, toxic from Luis Rubiales, who has probably flushed a World Cup campaign down the toilet to soothe his wounded male pride.


penelope cruz


Time for @Big_Ducky_Moloney to step forward


The FA President has taken it as an affront to him that he signed a new contract recently, and then went off to Real Madrid when they came calling.




Manager’s reign in Spain ends with him on a plane before the campaign, this is insane


They’re in a whole paella trouble


They are showing their cahones hear unlike the pathetic cowardly french in 2010.




Sid Lowe saying that Spain under-21 manager Albert Celades and Spanish FA Sporting Director Fernando Hierro are the most likely to take charge for the World Cup.

Celades was a journeyman player who has played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid.


Rafa Benitez


This is great stuff. The greatest show on earth is well and truly back. Spain are going to implode or win it out




Celades has it apparently. He was really shit with a great u21 team they had. I presume Ramos and Pique will just take over


Hierro has taken over.