FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread


Breaking news: Manuel Lanzini is OUT of the World Cup. Reported to have suffered an ACL tear in training.


Is that the breaking news that was broken on this thread about 2 hours ago?


Or is it something that has flown over your little head? :grin:


So thats a yes then.


Reeled in beautifully. :grin:


Extraordinary story going around the Argentinian camp, Jorge Sampaoli has been accused of sexually assaulting one of the squad chefs. Could be sacked if the rumours are true


A got a video about the Mexico teams prep :rofl::rofl:


Like your tyronian towers :joy::joy:


Go on…


I thought that flew over your head alright. :grin:


Israel has ways of getting revenge for things.


Bollox. Weasel of an attempt to save face


Save face? I’ve wiped your eye, mate.


You lying toe rag. Have you no shame at all. Pathetic



Go on and explain how you thought it flew over my head. Give me a laugh


So you still haven’t worked things out. :grin:

Dig up, mate.


You’re a coward and a liar


And you’re Rod Liddle, mate.


Quit your bitching. Man up.