FIFA World Cup 2010 - Group Stage

15 minutes away now.

Sepp Blatter speaks. The stadium’s PA seems to be picking up his words before he has even said them. South Africa is definitely ready.

See build up thread

“The time for Africa has now come”, and the time to switch threads has arrived.

Where’s Charlize Theron?

South Africa
16 Khune
02 Gaxa
04 Mokoena Captain15 Thwala
20 Khumalo
08 Tshabalala
10 Pienaar
11 Modise
12 Letsholonyane
13 Dikgacoi
09 Katlego Mphela

01 Perez
02 Rodriguez
03 Salcido
04 Marquez
05 Osorio
12 Aguilar
16 Juarez
06 Torrado Captain09 Franco
11 Vela
17 Giovani

South Africa:
01 Josephs, 22 Walters, 03 Masilela, 05 Ngcongca, 14 Booth, 21 Siyabonga Sangweni, 06 Sibaya, 07 Davids, 19 Moriri, 23 Thanduyise Khuboni, 17 Parker, 18 NomvetheSubstitutes:

13 Ochoa, 23 Michel, 15 Moreno, 19 Magallon, 20 Torres, 07 Barrera, 08 Castro, 18 Guardado, 10 Blanco, 14 Hernandez, 21 Bautista, 22 Alberto Medina

The PA system at Soccer City really needs sorting out. The time delay is like one of those telephone conversations with somebody on the other side of the world.

This ref has sent off Vidic. Cunt.

TV stations all over the world getting anxious as it’s now 3:03 and still no kick-off.

It genuinely is an amazing atmosphere in the stadium.

Stephen Pienaar on his hunkers in the middle of the huddle giving what looked like a last second BJ to one of his team mates.

The World Cup is on.

I thought two things

  1. That it was giong to be a goal


  1. That those noise making horns were banned

Even the 20 million South Africans living in poverty must be moved by this wonderful occasion.

George Hamilton’s commentary is ahead of the play and thus RTE’s world cup coverage comes to an end for me.

Cunt it, anyone got a decent link to this?

Cunting rte player thing keeps freezing, anywhere more reliable to watch this?

hamiltons commentary is off by a few seconds… even more so than usual

Four minutes in and I can already say with some confidence that South Africa are absolute shit.

Surprised that Guardado is on the bench, he looked a very decent player anytime I have seen him for Deportivo

If you haven’t tried Iraq Goals you shouldn’t be asking that question

Early going here its all Mexico. Dos Santos has effectively said fuck family by playing in this match. Didnt he say he wouldnt play if his brother wasnt in the squad.