Fine Gael - Hugging The Touchline On The Right Wing?


They are sour with the Brits at the moment, that’s all it is


I doubt the brits would have noticed Leo opening a festival in West Belfast


Leo is courting Mary Lou for the next coalition Government and helping to reduce any resistance the shinners voters might have towards the blue shirts.


Mary Lou will do whatever it takes to get into power. She wants to be the first SF Táiniste and will sell her sould to that end. The abortion posters were all about here with her mug on every one of them. I voted for SF when it wasn’t popular or trendy, but never again.


This is a great sign to be honest… you’re fairly backwards in thinking and your poisonous position is usually a good barometer to gauge what 90% of the population are thinking in opposition to you.

All hail Tainiste McDonald.


Northern Ireland is a great means to force the U.K. to stay as close to the EU as possible and hence save Irish businesses from disaster if there is a hard Brexit.

Fine Gael and their predecessor were always the most pragmatic on the North, however. The rest were all slow learners on the topic.


The creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig and from pig to man again but already it was impossible to say which was which .


If by pragmatic you mean mealy mouthed slackjawed cap doffing subservience.


Some of their former leaders want to rejoin the commonwealth …a bit like Tim.


FG know they will always have the west brit support no matter what.

By being sympathetic to the nationalist position they are usurping Micheal Martin and FF and stealing the FF soft nationalist vote or turning them off FF .

FF are threatened by SF so are being hard-line against them but FG has stitched FF up like kippers here


I’m devastated by your riposte.


If you will never vote for us again then I respect your position completely. Perhaps you would consider voting for our sister party Fine Gael instead?


I thought your sister party was FF, the other ‘republican’ party?


Anyway, lads …Any potential coalition has to pass the Ard Fheis this weekend first.

At our last meeting a number of our Cumann expressed concerns about going into coalition and what we’d have to sacrifice.


Fine Gael, the party of all the people of Ireland.


They were correct.

Everyone else has followed them.




Only one part is an all Island party, mate… it’s gas seeing the two free state parties scrambling to get into the North now.


The time is now.


I voted for Sinn Féin last time out on the basis that they were the only left wing party. If they go into coalition with FG I will be fucking disgusted.