Fine Gael - Hugging The Touchline On The Right Wing?


Sinn Fein are not a left wing party .


What is wrong with you, there are clearly far more left wing parties than them?

SF are FF Nua, that’s what scares FF.


Lot’s of left wing members but the leadership are just left of centre, which i’m happy enough with. The majority of the party are community activists and the work they do in the community is unparalleled and that’s the most appealing aspect of the party for me. It’s really scary seeing how FF/FG operate on the ground, it’s all stroke politics and oneupmanship. You can see why the country is fucked in lots of ways.
Ireland has never truly had an out and out left party… there’s strands of it about but it’s very fractured and in truth, Irish people are far too conservative and under the thumb of the establishment to have a major lefty party.


If you think SF don’t engage in stroke politics or one-upmanship, you’re deluded. All politicians, or pretty much most of them are the same.


Selecting “young dynamic women” seems to be the new conservatism


You did in your hole. You’re a true blue like everyone out your way.


Grand. Theyre not in the same league tho… no where near it.


With all due respects any decision to enter coalition will be made by a cadre of hard men in the felon’s club .


I’m just back from my Cumann where we told our delegates how to vote on a number of motions…


Did they enjoy the tea?


No tea. ??


Don’t mind him, he’s jeering your civic mindedness.

Our revenge will be the purring of our cats.


Kilkenny will win the AI?


Oh, he was trying to do a funny?? aww, that’s cute.