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Today, a very special friend of the forum is being honoured for his achievements …

Our dearly departed friend Joe is to be posthumously awarded the title of Doctor that he so badly craved … he didnt crave it to be an academic or billy big bollix - but merely to be regarded as a ‘normal’ person who could do all the things any regular person could… I hope to post a link to a live stream later but around 3.45 / 4pm should be kick off time.

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There won’t be a dry eye in the house .

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Hon Dr. Player


Another TFK Doctor crowned.


Also the bridge did the business last week

We must be the most educated forum in the land.

Unlike other members, he didn’t do it to be Billy big bollix though.


I’ve lost many people but none quite effected me like joe. I hope he’s found the peace we All crave.

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Hon Ta Fuck.

Play-er Play-er Play-er!


Great stuff. :clap::+1:

must be an incredibly bittersweet day for you buddy. hope all goes well and ill tip the hat to joe when the live stream comes on.

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Terrific news. Well done @Joe_Player

Ah that’s lovely, thanks for sharing.

I’m logging off now to save my phone battery for later.

Amidst all the shite sometimes gets posted here, there’s sometimes a nugget that reminds you why we’re all still here. Thanks for letting us know mouse. I’ll raise a glass to Joe tonight

H’on Joe! Thanks for sharing Choco.