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Many on here Football Manager fans? Find 2015 is gone stale on me very quickly.

[QUOTE=“RamblerRED, post: 1154192, member: 2806”]Many on here Football Manager fans? Find 2015 is gone stale on me very quickly.[/QUOTE]

Concentrate on the small ball pal, everything else is just keeping lads fit in the off season.

I downloaded Championship Manager 01/02 last night with updated squads for this season. It’s free to download and they regularly update the data. You can still play with the 01/02 data though if you want.

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I have that championship manager. I’ve been looking for updates for the squads where did ya get the updates?

This is incredible news.

You’ve to sign up to the forum but it’s free.



I’m.afraid to do the update because I know what will happen. I will say let’s see whats this like and play one game before I know it it will be 6am on Monday morning and I will be wondering how did that happen


Championship Manager 01/02 with the 2019 update :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


To help avoid the boredom of lockdown Championship manager 01/02 should made available to everyone free of charge. People will wonder where the time went when they have been up all night and realise its 6 in the morning and they say ah just one more match. :slight_smile:


It is already free of charge.


It’s an awful hardship to get it to actually work though.

Get the update for it.

I recall it taking a little while when I downloaded it when I was convalescing. It loses its nostalgia appeal quickly enough tbh

Ya. I haven’t the energy for the effort Involved in playing it these days, or the time. Although time might be plentiful the next few weeks

Someone will create an update for the Irish league to change them all to hurling teams with hurling players.





Anything for the ipad lads?

Get a job you lazy prick

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I’m in self isolation.