Football Manager


There goes the productivity levels for the next few days!

As long as you’re not all week downloading it :joy:

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Sign in @cluaindiuic

Meh, It is how remember the later versions of it.

Bloated and over-engineered.

I had a go at it last night.

2 hours in, I’ve skimmed over absolutely everything and the Premier League season still hasn’t even started yet. I dont like how you have to pick your “tactic” before you choose the formation. Training is fucking ridiculous. Press conferences take about 10 minutes each.

I will say though, the matches are very good fun.


Can you still tell every whinging cunt not getting playing time they are indispensable to the club?

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I must have a gawk off this later bring me back to my youth.

I’ll go for the championship.

Ffs I went on holidays for two weeks and they’ve sold pogba

It takes ages. Currently about 8 games in. Going well but it takes a long time. You’d fly through seasons in 01/02. Even as recently as 12, you’d get through them. I’ll won’t get through a season by the time the free trial ends on Wednesday

Free trial has been extended but I find it quick enough. New lap top is a beast @Copper_pipe

There’s a lot of detail. Speed is fine but you’ve a lot to do in it to move the game on.

I delegate lots of stuff to the assistant manger.

I just sold Juan mata to a team in wuhan

Thou shalt not covid another team’s player.


I might get one myself at some stage.

I just managed Roma to a full season unbeaten


Was the season abandoned due to corona virus?

No it’s the third season in.